Jurgen Klopp: Reds will take positives and ‘remove bad things’ from Spurs draw

liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists his side will ‘take the bad stuff out’ of Saturday’s draw with Tottenham and focus on what they did right.

The Reds came from behind to secure a point at home Spurs – the first time they failed to win at Anfield in the premier league since October – but much of their attacking play was far from what Klopp wanted to see.

His side netted 46 crosses in the game, well above their normal number, as they chased the win that would have kept the pressure on league leaders Manchester City.

Klopp wasn’t happy with the way his players were deviating from their tried and true methods, but believes they will have no problem hitting the reset switch for Tuesday’s trip to Aston Villa.

“The crosses are easy to read,” he said. “They are not useful in a match like this with the profile of the players they have in the box. That does not make any sense.

“You have to keep going to find the momentum, stack through the gaps, get to the sideline and settle it from there.

Luis Diaz’s equalizer earned Liverpool a point against Tottenham (Peter Byrne/PA)

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“The main challenge in a game like this is that you’re constantly in the creative mood, knowing that every missed pass is a huge problem (because it leaves them open to a counter attack).

“It’s really hard to stay calm in those times and do exactly the right thing. Now we have to use the good stuff, remove the bad stuff and get out of here.

It’s been suggested to Klopp that nothing is actually ‘broken’ with his team and it’s just a result of the high stakes matches they’re currently playing.

“That’s how I see it,” added the German. “That’s how I saw the game. So let’s continue.

“If we won 3-1, you wouldn’t have counted crosses. You wouldn’t have asked me.

“It wasn’t a perfect game but the general approach, the counter-press was completely on another level.

“We win it and we talk about it – ‘Wow the Liverpool counter-press’ – we don’t win it and we just forget about it. I don’t because it keeps us going.

“We didn’t score from a set piece but we could have because everything was almost perfect. We have to accept this.

Jurgen Klopp: Reds will take positives and ‘remove bad things’ from Spurs draw

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