Jurgen Klopp praises Liverpool’s fighting qualities after defeating the wolf late

Jurgen Klopp After the dramatic second half winner of Divock Origi in the wolf, he welcomed the Liverpool character.

Substitute Hit deep in the downtime to steal the last gasp 1-0 victory In Molino.

The Resident Wolf appeared to be the first team to stop scoring Liverpool since April, but was canceled on death as the Reds achieved their fourth straight victory. Premier League win.

“After the match, I said that what I really needed was like the good old days two years ago,” Klopp said.

“Being positive is an important skill, which I didn’t need very often this season, but it’s still a very important skill.

“It’s not a lucky win in the sense that they happened to have a chance. We scored, but not. It would have been lucky for the wolf.

“If you do it 38 times (win 1-0), yes (you can win the league), do it once, no. It was really important and really big for us. It was a very difficult game.

“We had to miss many opportunities and defend against the wolf’s counterattack. It was a challenge, but I liked the game we played.

“We had to learn how we could play them, but when the boy found it, it was really good, except for the last pass.

“When you don’t score, you just have to keep going, and that’s what we did. The legendary Divock Origi came and completed it for us.”

Diogo Jota Liverpool dominated the club in front of him without being at their fluid best, so they made a big head in the first half.

It took the Reds late to find a serious opening and should have moved on an hour later.

Due to Jose Sa’s mistake, Jota scored a goal and ran through, but was able to hit the ball straight with the cover. Conor Coady On the line.

Sa refused Sadio Mané Liverpool seemed frustrated just because Origi took the win in the four minutes of the stop time.

Virgil van Dijk search path found Mohamed Salah He then went to Origi, easily blocking Cody and shooting from close range with his fourth goal of the season.

“The most important thing is to win together when you win and lose together when you lose,” said the wolf boss. Bruno Lage His side is eighth.

“Our work and strategy was never to give them a transition. We had to be ready every time. We did it most of the time.

“I don’t want to point to anyone. Looking at the players’ faces, I’m frustrated because I deserve everything I planned and tried not to lose.

“We asked Leeds the same question, but now the situation is the same. We’re a little disappointed and it’s hard to lose points, but when we look at what we’ve done, I And fans should be proud of our players.

“We have to move on. This is football. It tasted the same for Leeds. It was the exact opposite of Aston Villa.”

Jurgen Klopp praises Liverpool’s fighting qualities after defeating the wolf late

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