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Julian Assange, Thousand Days at Belmarsh

Founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange He is currently in the largest security facility at Belmarsh Prison for over 1,000 days.

On his occasion Imprisonment 1,000 days, Activists, supporters, and relatives have come together to show the most foul support, resentment, and solidarity in this political detention.

Allison Mason Julian Assange Defense CommissionJADC) Repeated those observations made for a long time about imprisonment at a rally outside the Australian High Commission office in London that day. The founder of WikiLeaks was “unjustly imprisoned for publicizing a US military war crime leaked to him by a whistleblower. Chelsea Manning“.

She was gathering with supporters in front of the High Commissioner “because Julian’s country was able to save him with a simple phone call.” Mason’s Stunningly Simple Reasoning: Australia says ” AUKUS And trade agreements. ” If that is true.

Australian media must confront Assange’s freedom

In the face of Julian Assange’s persecution, the Australian media has been silent for too long. It must change, Matilda Duncan writes.

Assange’s continued detention at Belmarsh remains a scandal of kaleidoscopic atrocities.It continues to jeopardize his weak health, and even more I had a stroke in October Continuing risks associated with last year and COVID-19. It maintains an indefinite imprisonment without bail and represents the United Kingdom as a devoted Gaoler for the benefit of the United States.

“Julian,” said his fiancée Stella Morris“It will be held simply at the request of the US Government while they continue to abuse the Extradition Treaty of the United States and Britain for political purposes.”

Report drawn from a prison chief inspector’s unannounced visit to Belmarsh in July and August last year Did not shine A brilliant light to the institution:

The next toughest stage of Assange’s imprisonment is characterized by an appeal against the immeasurable and even deceptive of the lower court’s decision on the delivery of the High Court to the United States.The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) continues to seek delivery of the founder of WikiLeaks Face 18 bills, USA, based on the relics of paranoia and revenge in 17 states 1917 Espionage Act.. If the prosecution is successful, he could be sentenced to 175 years in prison.

AUKUS alliance that drives Assange to death

Actions in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia threaten Julian Assange’s health and could result in the tragic death of the publisher, John Igens wrote.

The Original decisionUnsightly due to the cause of journalism, admitted that delivery is repressive within the meaning of US-UK Extradition Treaty..District court justice Vanessa Barreizer He accepted the defense controversy that such oppression arose from Assange’s “mental state.” Despite a relentless prosecution of neuropsychiatric evidence initiated by the defense, the judge admitted that Asanji was autistic and was at serious risk of suicide in the U.S. prison system. ..

The prosecutor also failed to persuade the court to: Special administrative measures No application is made to limit access to lawyers or family members and to ensure solitary confinement.They also couldn’t show that he wouldn’t offer his time at the vicious Supermax prison in Colorado when he was convicted. ADX Florence..

England and Wales Chief Judge, Ian Burnett, And the Chief Judge Timothy Holroid I didn’t have any of them.of Their December decisionThe High Court has accepted the prosecution’s appeal that the United States can easily guarantee that Assange will be in better condition, even though it did not in the original court.

The chief judge also proved his crotch with the fact that Baraitser was not in the way of her to seek those guarantees in the first place. Moreover, Britain was able to trust the excellent diplomatic business of the United States.

Assange’s verdict shows a firm grasp of the U.S. legal system

The results of Julian Assange’s hand-over claim show how overwhelmed the British legal system was by the US legal system.

So it went through the crazy judicial reasoning that prevailed on the bench.Was not mentioned Forged evidence Facts trusted by the prosecution or offensive to US Central Intelligence Agency operatives I was thinking Kidnapping and addiction Assange.There is nothing about what the U.S. has approved Monitoring operation UC Global, a Spanish security company, took command while at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The work of appeal started immediately.

Lawyer Birnberg Peirce, In the statement, Outlined the importance of the application:

It is difficult to measure the broader public importance of the case. Authoritarian governments and fake democracies around the world are willing to take notes. Liberal democracies with an increasingly dictatorial approach to the media will also look forward to how the United States arrests publishers using extradition laws. Blackletter lawyers make the mistake of assuming that this issue is narrow and specific to the wording of bilateral treaties.

The United States has already caused immense damage to the sources of disclosure of national security information that exposes domestic and international atrocities and violations of the law, and extradition law is global in its annoyance. Claims to be tentacled by the spread. Calls from Australia’s dry Prime Minister Scott Morrison have little to do with this. He and other members of the informal court in Washington will do exactly what they were told.

Doctor Vinoicamp Mark A Cambridge scholar, an independent columnist and lecturer in Australia. RMIT University.. Follow Dr. Kampmark on Twitter @BKampmark..

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Julian Assange, Thousand Days at Belmarsh

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