Julia Bradbury says she “retreats” as the fight for cancer continues

Country File Julia Bradbury elaborated on her tough week in the fight against cancer.

A 51-year-old TV star is fighting breast cancer, She shares aspects of her journey on social media.

Julia shared a video while taking a walk in her pajamas and boots, and shared that she was “backtracking” this week.

Julia elaborated on the situation and said, “Hello everyone. I’m back in my pajamas today. I’m back a bit this week.

“I’m feeling better and stronger every week since surgery, but I’ve had flu symptoms this week. The Covid test has returned to negative.”

Country File Julia Bradbury elaborated on her tough week in her cancer fight

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The star added: “All I want to do is stay in bed, but I let myself go out. Sometimes you have to push a little and then go back to bed.

“Don’t forget the outdoor time. It’s very important.”

Julia’s fans immediately shared a message of support, one writing “sending love and healing” and another writing “sending a lot of love to you. I spent time outside.” rice field.

Julia recently had a mastectomy to remove her left breast

Third pen: “It’s heartwarming to see you go out. Well done. I hope it helps you recover completely soon.”

Julia’s sister Gina Embarked on a gun journey for her sister’s “absolute roller coaster” So far.

When Julia stayed in the hospital to undergo surgery and recover, Gina was there to wash her sister’s hair, put on slippers, and help her in other ways she could.

The TV star brothers have come to be called “Mrs Fix It” by their families. She was there all the time to laugh and cry with Julia.

Gina set up a WhatsApp group chat, inviting 30 of Julia’s close friends and family to join the chat, and Julia nicknamed My Left T * t Support Group.

Now, Julia’s sister Gina has opened her door to Sunday Mirror on her previous star journey.

“Emotionally, I’ve been with Julia all the time. I feel her pain,” she said.

Julia Bradbury’s sister Gina has so far opened her door to a star journey with Gunn.

“We’re really hip and involved. It’s a complete roller coaster. We fluctuate from hysteria to a flood of tears.”

Meanwhile, Julia praised Gina for all her support as long as she added to the publication: “We shared tears, but also a lot of laughter. Practical and emotional. Mainstay. “

After the surgery, Julia shared her candid photo with her daughter and admitted that she couldn’t wait to hug her.

Julia shared a photo of a sweet throwback with one of her daughters

Julia, the mother of Zena and Zante, shared a snap snuggling up to one of the little girls covering her face with sunflowers.

She wrote in the caption:

“When you hear the word’cancer’, your life changes in an instant.”

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Julia Bradbury says she "retreats" as the fight for cancer continues

Source link Julia Bradbury says she "retreats" as the fight for cancer continues

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