Josie Gibson reveals that the dog has stopped being stolen by Dognapper

Josie Gibson Obviously this morning Someone tried to steal her dog From her while she is pregnant.

Josie, 36, who is currently hosting a popular ITV daytime show with Phillip Schofield, remembers the challenges of her co-sponsor and how to leave the dog to the dog owner. I explained if it was possible.

She explained: “I actually caught Dognapper trying to steal a dog. I said,” She’s an 18-year-old cancer. — — You had better put her down (behind), “they put her straight down.

“I was out of the car, and I was pregnant then, and I got out of the car and they were picking up dogs,” continued Josie.

Josie and her older dog Millie, she had to be dropped off in the summer

Josie further stated that Dognapper agrees to a new law that could be delayed by up to five years.

Josie talked about her pet earlier, and her sister and another of her dogs Attacked by a stranger in the middle of the day ..

Talk to Sun, A 36-year-old man explains:

Josie Gibson will replace Holly Willowby again this morning
Josie Gibson replaced Holly Willowby again this morning

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“Both my sisters were like me and only had a little quarrel. They were yelling at him.

“In the end, I think he ran away thinking,’I’m two, so I won’t go anywhere with these girls.'”

Josie didn’t say if the thug was trying to steal her dog.

Josie is not a newcomer to This Morning, but is acting for Holly Willoughby, who has been ill for three days now.

As she always does, the 36-year-old makes viewers hysterical — — Especially with Her reaction to a guest claiming to have the largest penis in the world..

Josie’s reaction was cheerful when she was shown a picture of a man claiming his masculinity was 13.5 inches long.

At the show on Thursday, November 18, American actor Jonah Falcon chatted with Phil and Josie. A man who says his masculinity is 13.5 inches long when standing upright.

During the segment, Jonah began showing Phil and Josie a photo on his cell phone, and Josie’s eyes almost popped out of her head.

Meanwhile, Phil shouts “Fire of Hell” before putting his hand on his face.

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Josie Gibson reveals that the dog has stopped being stolen by Dognapper

Source link Josie Gibson reveals that the dog has stopped being stolen by Dognapper

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