Josie Gibson refuses to introduce her new boyfriend to her son Reggie

Josie Gibson She revealed that she would not introduce her new boyfriend to her son Reggie.

this morning Star Josie, 37, shares her 3-year-old son Reggie with ex-Terry. Former Terry broke up the year after his son was born.

Josie reveals that everything is “friendly” between herself and her ex, as she raises her son together.

She squirted into mirror: “He is a wonderful dad.

Josie reveals she’s ready to start dating again

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“He idolizes the leg, and the leg idolizes him. It’s a pity that it didn’t work with us, but in reality, he spends time on the leg, so the leg is us. Get the best of both worlds.

“I grew up without a dad, and I didn’t want it for my little boy.”

Three years after the dissolution, Josie revealed that she was ready to go back on a date again.

Josie, A person who recently received parenting advice from Allison Hammond, Said: “It’s good to be taken to dinner and pay a little attention … but they have to pay!”

Josie Gibson is reluctant to introduce a new man to his son Reggie

But Josie admitted that if she met a new man, she wouldn’t introduce him to her son because she felt it was a “risk.”

She said: “I couldn’t give them anything else either.

“My son is too young. I don’t like people in my son’s life.

“If you meet someone, it’s difficult because you want to take them into your life, but I don’t want to put the legs at such risk, so I can’t show them my life . “

Josie admitted that people “don’t like” in his son’s life

It was after Josie frankly admitted that she wanted a child “earlier.”

When asked about her previous comments on adoption, Josie understood!: “I said I love kids if I had time to adopt to give Reggie a brother or sister. I wish I had started earlier. I have about 10. It was! “

Josie met her ex-Terry over 20 years ago through a family friend. After they got together in 2017, he remained out of the public eye through their relationship.

Josie then welcomed her son Reggie James in September 2018, and the couple took different paths in January 2019.

Josie Gibson previously dated John James Parton

Prior to their romance, Josie was romantically involved with her fellow Big Brother Star John James Parton after meeting at the Big Brother House in 2010.

The couple’s romance lasted nine months and was recorded in the spin-off show “There’s Something About Josie” before it was split in 2011.

Recently, 34-year-old John James opened a relationship and shared his “regrets.”

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He said understood!: “I regret how Josie and I handled things outside the house. I’m not saying the relationship was going on.

“We are both stubborn people. If you let us sit now, it would still be fierce, but we two treat it the wrong way. I know that.

“It got hot and annoying towards the end, so I regret it, but at the same time I think you can have us sit in the same room and have a civil conversation. not.”

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Josie Gibson refuses to introduce her new boyfriend to her son Reggie

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