Josie Gibson is the “future star of ITV” who turned to the “leading role” this morning.

Josie Gibson Has surprised the audience since stepping into Holly Willow Bee upon this morning When she got sick.

And after she took over the reins of the hit ITV show again Vernon Kay On Monday, ITV sources said the channel “is investing a lot of time in Josie’s development.”

The 36-year-old, who has been a member of the Dis Morning family as a competition presenter since 2019, took the lead when she got sick last month and represented Holly.

older brother Winner Josie also won praise when she hosted the first show of the Christmas period on Monday.

ITV bosses consider Josie Gibson to be the “real star of the future”

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Source said exclusively understood!: “ITV has spent a lot of time developing Josie. They see her as a real star of the future.

“the same as Allison Hammond Before her, they think she has the personality and talent to play a more leading role in the show.

“Recently, she was really impressed when she stepped into Holly at the last minute. The positive audience reaction gave them a real source of thought.

Josie represented Holly Willowby when she got sick last month

ITV boss thinks she could be the next Alison Hammond

“Everyone is excited about her compatibility with Vernon and there is no doubt that the main presenter will be doing more shows together during the holidays.”

Viewers tuning at home seemed very happy with Josie and Vernon on Monday. This is because the pair’s communal energy is said to be contagious.

One impressed fan said, “I love Josie and Vernon here !!! I love the interview with Simon Gløggson and it’s very interesting.”

Another consensus wrote on Twitter:

Viewers were impressed when she hosted with Vernon Kay on Monday

The third commented, “I love this morning with Josie and Vernon. It’s a great combination,” and added some thoughts on pairing.

Others said they wanted to see more “fun” duos in the future, and some called for a more permanent presentation lineup because of the “breath of fresh air.” ..

They write: “Josie and Vernon ask for #thismorning every Friday.” Another comment, “Josie and Vernon are already working together well, only 30 minutes have passed.”

While another viewer wrote, “Vernon and Josie-Great Pairing! Make This More Permanent.”

This happens after Josie’s previous intervention to present the show to Phillips Scofield, and then his co-host Holly got sick for three days.

Josie recently talked about the experience and affection she received from the viewers, saying, “I made some mistakes during the broadcast and sometimes the timing was off, but the viewers understood it very well.”

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Josie Gibson is the "future star of ITV" who turned to the "leading role" this morning.

Source link Josie Gibson is the "future star of ITV" who turned to the "leading role" this morning.

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