Jordan Pickford’s wife Megan Davison causes controversy in the post “in favor of anti-vaxxers”

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s wife, Megan Davison, has caused controversy in a post that appears to be in favor of anti-bakers, following the Freedom Rally in London last week. ..

Thousands marched in London earlier this month in protest of new restrictions following the proliferation of Omicron variants of the Covid virus.

At the rally, protesters clashed with police and London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a “serious incident” in the capital.

25-year-old Megan shares a photo of Freedom Rally on his Instagram page, followed by 97.7k fans.

Sun The post, which is currently being deleted, reported showing a protester with a placard stating “Something in your soul … something is wrong, even if you don’t mind the plot.”

Jordan Pickford’s wife, Megan Davison, caused controversy by sharing a post that was deleted from last week’s Freedom Rally.

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One mother did not add a comment to the post.

understood! I contacted the Jordan Pickford representative for comment.

An English goalkeeper, 27, married his childhood lover Megan at the Cheshire Crewe registry after a pandemic changed his wedding plans.

Megan and Jordan have been together since they were teenagers. Last May, Megan announced on Instagram:

Megan reportedly shared the image of a free march on vaccines, vaccine passports and blockades in London on December 18, 2021.

“Well, it should have been! It’s all a bit out of Pete Tongs, so there’s our throwback on the day of our statutory registry, as bigger things are happening in the world right now.

“You are worth the wait for my love @ jpickford1.”

The pair’s romance spans more than a decade, but their wedding plans have been shattered by Covid.

The couple planned to have a party in Sunderland after spending an important day in Maldives, but a pandemic forced them to change their plans, eventually at the Cheshire crew’s registry, where Jordan broke jeans. I wore baseball and said, “I’ll do it.” cap.

Jordan Pickford and Megan Davison have been together since they were teenagers

The goalkeeper and his wife were joined by only a handful of their closest and loved ones, and their pictures were taken on their cell phones.

Megan supported the beauty of her goalkeeper throughout his career and attended the University of Sunderland, but after moving to Everton in 2017, he moved to Liverpool.

The pair had to have a long-distance relationship for a while, during which time they enjoyed a spectacular vacation to Dubai and a romantic weekend at their home in Sunderland, which helped.

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She is a loyal supporter of Jordan and can be seen in almost every match that supports him.

Jordan and Megan share their two sons, Arlo, together, and despite being already married, they are now planning a Maldivian bash to celebrate the union.

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Jordan Pickford's wife Megan Davison causes controversy in the post "in favor of anti-vaxxers"

Source link Jordan Pickford's wife Megan Davison causes controversy in the post "in favor of anti-vaxxers"

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