Joni Mitchell removes music from Spotify via COVID’s “lie”-swipe on Joe Rogan podcast | Ent & Arts News

Joni Mitchell has removed all music from Spotify in a “solidarity” with Neil Young following a controversy over the dissemination of COVID’s misinformation on the platform.

The Grammy-winning singer said the streaming giant allowed “irresponsible people” to spread “lie at the expense of people’s lives.”

In a statement on her official website, the 78-year-old said, “We are in solidarity with Neil Young and the world’s science and medical community on this issue.”

Neil Young has removed all tracks from Spotify

It will come later Young has removed his music catalog from Spotify After hosting the Joe Rogan Experience (TJRE) podcast Vaccination recommendations for young people We shared many false claims about jabs.

Mitchell shared an open letter signed by a coalition of medical professionals calling on Spotify to take action against a “massive false alarm event.”

It referred to the December episode of TJRE, which promoted “Unfounded Conspiracy Theory.”

“Spotify allows hosted media to undermine public confidence in scientific research and question the reliability of data-driven guidance provided by health professionals,” the letter said.

Joe Rogan told his fans he had a COVID-19.Photo: Reuters
Joe Rogan has caused controversy over pandemics, government orders, and his views on the COVID-19 vaccine.

“JRE # 1757 is not the only violation that occurs on the Spotify platform, but it is a related example of the failure to mitigate the damage caused by the platform.”

Spotify said it “regrets” Young’s decision, “hope[s] Welcome him soon. “

In response to Young’s concerns, Spotify said it aims to balance “both listener safety and creator freedom” and has removed more than 20,000 COVID-related podcast episodes since the start of the pandemic. rice field.

It is reported that it acquired the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in 2020 for more than $ 100 million (£ 77 million). Since then, it has grown into a top-class podcast on the platform.

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Young is now praising the platform for “leading the pack” by moving his music to Amazon Music.

In a Twitter post on Friday, he said:

Meanwhile, Barry Manilow denied rumors that he would subsequently remove his music from Spotify.

The Copacabana singer said on Twitter: “Recently, I heard rumors about Spotify with me.

“I don’t know where it started, but it didn’t start with me or anyone representing me.”

Joni Mitchell removes music from Spotify via COVID’s “lie”-swipe on Joe Rogan podcast | Ent & Arts News

Source link Joni Mitchell removes music from Spotify via COVID’s “lie”-swipe on Joe Rogan podcast | Ent & Arts News

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