Jon Gosselin took his daughter Hannah, 17, to a famous Los Angeles dentist and studded diamonds in her teeth.

Jon Gosselin helps her daughter Hannah enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle by having her teeth studded with diamonds.

A former reality star accompanied his 17-year-old daughter on a trip to Beverly Hills, a so-called diamond dentist, while spending a vacation together in Los Angeles.


John and Hannah went on vacation for dad and daughterCredit: Instagram / @ jongosselin1


The two headed to Los Angeles together for a whileCredit: Instagram / @ jongosselin1

According to the Diamond Dentist’s website, “Dr. Anjali Radipal is renowned for the artistic creation of Diamond Smile.

“She incorporates diamonds and Swarovski crystals while aesthetically placing tooth gems and capturing colorful prisms of light to give her a smiley effect.”

Bling is designed to last for years or can be easily removed if needed.

Daddy John, 44, says he agreed to a mouth makeover, hoping that spoiling Hannah would eventually lead to a reunion with other estranged children.

“Hannah is a free spirit,” John said. HollywoodLife.. “I hope she can open it so that others can open it, so that they know they have their own voice and start talking more freely about their hearts. Probably almost mentorship. Hannah is doing it, maybe we’re doing it too. “

Only Hannah and her brother Colin live with John. The rest of the children live with their mother, Kate Gosselin.

Family feud

Earlier this month, an Amazon employee starred in Dr. Oz. Family rift, This has been going on for years.

The eight fathers admitted that they had never “talked to the twins in eight years,” adding that “I send text messages to the twins every year.”

Similarly, he said Hannah was “robbed by her brother.” But she is in contact with some of her sisters.

Hannah and Kate remain estranged.

Asked if her daughter misses Kate, John said, “No, I know. She feels a little downplayed by what happened. She misses Leah and Alexis. She. I don’t know because he’s been robbed by his brother. What’s happening? “

Former TLC star shared that Hannah recently kept in touch Some of her brothers, Be with them as they pass through Pennsylvania.

“Hannah talked to them, they visited the nearby county where we live now, and Hannah had a supper with them, because Maddy attended a school in northern New York,” he recalled. ..

Silent night

When asked why the children didn’t want to talk to him, John replied, “I don’t know.”

He went on to suggest that by talking to Kate, he might not want to “upset” Kate, adding that “it’s difficult when you don’t know.”

John tried to reach out, but said he would contact the children at the age of 18 and try to reconnect.

He tried to reach out to his two daughters, but it didn’t work.

John revealed that he doesn’t have some of his kids’ phone numbers, but he can probably get them.

But he is afraid that trying to reach out could affect the relationship between Hannah and her brother.


Hannah and her brother Colin are the only family living with JohnCredit: Instagram / @ jongosselin1


The rest of the children live with their estranged mom KateCredit: Instagram


Previous reality stars don’t talk to each otherCredits: Getty-Contributors
Jon Gosselin claims that his daughter, Hannah, 17, does not miss her estranged mother, Kate, and feels “robbed” by her brothers in a family feud.

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Jon Gosselin took his daughter Hannah, 17, to a famous Los Angeles dentist and studded diamonds in her teeth.

Source link Jon Gosselin took his daughter Hannah, 17, to a famous Los Angeles dentist and studded diamonds in her teeth.

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