John Waite wept for giving Johannes confidence.

John waite It was thanks to dance partner Johannes Ladebe and Strictly Come Dancing that made him more confident.

John won British bake off In 2012, Johannes was the first same-sex couple on the hit BBC dance show.

In a video shown before the pair performed an incredible Caribbean pirate routine, John explained his lack of self-confidence before proceeding to the program.

He states: “Before the show, people thought I was pretty confident, but in reality I’m pretty shy.

“(Strictly) self-confidence has shown me that we are learning. It was Johannis who was behind me every week and he encouraged me to be more confident. rice field.

John Waite overcame his emotions while discussing how his dancer partner Johannes helped him.

“I thank you forever for this, because in my 32 years, that’s what I was really, really looking for.”

He continued. “I’m deeply proud of myself. We sometimes felt pressure on our shoulders, but every time we remember why we were doing it.

“I really had to push through a lot of voices in my head saying” No “and” I can’t do this. “

“Achieving this is a real breakthrough for me.”

John is Johannes "Believe more in yourself"
John explained that Johannes urged him to “believe more”.

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At some stage in the competition, John’s nerves became very terrible, The bakery even thought about quitting strictly.

John, who chatted with Claudia Winkleman on BBC Radio 2 prior to the final, said of his mood on the first day:

“But every week we lack a little more, a little more, and it’s really amazing how unobtrusive the change was.”

Johannes repeated similar feelings, admitting that he was nervous at first, but was more confident by the time the finals began.

Johannes and John also have great chemistry
Johannes and John finished second in Strictly Come Dancing 2021

“At first I was nervous, my loved one, I’m not nervous anymore,” he told Claudia.

“And it’s wild to me because we’re in the finals. The truth is being told, so we didn’t expect to come here.

“But as John says, we took it weekly, which is what we promised to take it weekly when we entered the partnership.”

“That’s why I felt I needed to go home on Saturday and focus on what was happening at that moment, so I was able to continue choreography last week,” continued Johannes.

John and Johannes only competed with Giovanni Pernice and Rose Ayling-Ellis in tonight’s final after Kai Widlington and AJ Odudu had to drop out after AJ tore the ankle ligaments. ..

The dance duo will be second only to Geo and EastEnders actor Rose. I brought back the infamous glitter ball trophy.

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John Waite wept for giving Johannes confidence.

Source link John Waite wept for giving Johannes confidence.

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