JLS Star’s New Life on JB Gil’s Farm

Most kids only see turkey cooked on a plate, but JB Gil kids know exactly where the supper came from, warts, and so on.

NS JLS Star Ace, 6 or 3 year old Chiara, says wife and his children Chloe TungneyNow that they live on 11 acres of farms in Kent, they have seen a fair share of the brutal reality of agriculture.


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And it includes slaughtered animals.

“I used to be there before a fox broke into our farm enclosure and took my son to school. He literally saw a field full of dead turkeys,” JB told The Sun. I will talk.

“You can’t go away from it because it’s the reality of what food production is like.

“He’s definitely looking at everything because he’s with me and helps me clean up everything and repair the fence.

“We never avoided how we produce or eat food. If they grow up and don’t want to eat meat as a result, it’s me There is no problem as far as

Farm life saved children’s mental health

A 34-year-old who turned from a singer weighting to a farmer behind a campaign to promote British apples and pears, his own upbringing in South London is a large open space that his own family can now enjoy. Says it was very different.

He added that living in the countryside proved a great help during the coronavirus blockade over the last 18 months.

“We had a great time during the blockade because we were able to enjoy the space we have, and it’s a blessing,” he says.

“When experiencing difficulties like the last 18 months, it is important for children to understand and understand the value of our countryside, the value of green spaces.

“I think that made a difference when it comes to children’s mental health.

“I was very fortunate and the blockade was difficult for everyone, but we were able to overcome it.

“My kids really thrived and were able to get back to school without delay. I put it in a space where we could spend time.”

Shake in a raid on the house

JB’s idyllic country life was shaken for a moment in November. When a thug attacks his house He reportedly sprayed an unknown substance on his face and threatened Chloe with a knife at 3 am.

He didn’t go into details to protect his family, but he says Rural crime It can be a headache for farmers.

“Chloe and his family are all fine,” he says. “Rural crime is becoming more and more problematic. People are trying to protect their property from tragic rabbit hunting (rabbit tracking by greyhounds and other sighthounds) and dogs around livestock.

“If you live outside the land and the crops and fields are devastated, it can be a problem all year round and people don’t understand it.

“People need to be careful and respect their property when walking on other people’s lands.”

JB, who stood in front of an agricultural show on CBeebies and Channel 5, recently Jeremy Clarkson After the former Top Gear Star said Local farmers had little faith In his ability to advance into agriculture.

“British agriculture and food producers are very important, and the light that can shed light on the industry and the voice that can be lent to conversations can be very helpful,” he says.

“When I was doing my show, I met people who worked incredibly hard in an industry that was incredibly tough and at the mercy of the elements, and they are always struggling.

“During the blockade, There is no flour on the shelvesWhen there was No eggs And we couldn’t get certain foods. People really understood producers and how important they were. “

With Lack of transport drivers Today, supermarket shelves remain empty and farmers need more help than ever before. JB states that shopping locally and eating seasonal ingredients can alleviate the problem.

“Buying an Englishman is very important,” he says.

“The UK has an interesting climate and four very different seasons. October 4th is the season for apples and pears, and in the summer there are strawberries and soft fruits, a great farmer’s market that sells local produce nationwide. there is.

“We don’t have to buy food imported from all over the country or around the world.” We encourage people to really talk about food mileage for the environment and to take care of the planet. is needed.”

Strictly turkey

His family and his farm mean the world for JB, but his pop career isn’t over yet.

Earlier this year he reunited with his JLS bandmate Aston marigold, Oritze Williams When Marvin Humes Record the album.

Their new single, endless Love, Released in September, they Made at the National Tax Agency Shortly thereafter. Later this month, they returned to stage on a beat-again tour.

“We’re a little old and ugly, but it’s great to be back together,” he says.

“We are in constant contact and musically it’s like biking.”

There’s a lot of music, dance and bunter, but JB says the after show party is off the agenda.

“We’re still in the Covid era, so we try to keep it as safe as possible, and we’re very strict in that regard.

“I want to get through to the end of the tour. We don’t want to disappoint anyone.

“It’s the first concert we’ve ever done, so it’s very different for kids to attend. It’s going to be a special concert.”

Despite returning to the entertainment world, JB says he won’t immediately follow his bandmate Aston exactly because his turkey needs him.

“The preparation period until Christmas is the busiest time on the farm for me. I want to win, or at least go to the finals, so I need to take some time to do that,” he says.

“But never say. That’s definitely something I’ll consider in the future.”

At least this Christmas there will be no shortage of turkeys in Gil’s home.

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JLS Star’s New Life on JB Gil’s Farm

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