Jill Dagger shows off her “fresh haircut” and makes fun of “big changes” after revealing that reality stars may have tattoos.

Jill Dagger revealed her “fresh haircut” and teased “a big change” after showing her new look and telling her fans that she might have a tattoo.

A 30-year-old count-on graduate looks completely different after spending a “Happy Hair Day” at a local salon.


Jill Dagger unveiled her new look on Instagram after teasing the possibility of tattoosCredit: jillmdillard / Instagram


She suggested that further changes may be underway in the near future.Credit: jillmdillard / Instagram

Jill shared an Instagram video featuring her before and after the look, adding that she plans to make further changes to her look in the near future. .. ”

The two moms explained in more detail in the caption In her postSay to the fans: “Everyone asked if I was going to make a big difference, as I talked about what I did earlier this summer … yes!

“I’m still planning and I’m looking forward to it soon!”

She added: Do them with each other “

It didn’t look like the dramatic change Jill was looking for, but fans seemed to love it.

One commentator wrote:

Another suggests that she seeks something really different and writes:

A third fan commented, “I can’t wait for change yet,” and seemed simply eager for the future.

Jill has undergone some serious changes since leaving the homes of her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Dagger.

Make your mark

Recently she suggested that she might consider getting a tattoo.

Earlier this week, Jill responded to fan comments and suggested making a fake. The tattoo she was giving to her Permanent on her hands and wrists.

A former TLC star posted a photo of his left hand and left foot while strolling around the city. She looked like something was written in the picture, but it’s not clear.

The commenter took note of this text and urged Jill to:

Jill replied: “Oh, thank you for your friends!” With a smiling emoji and a heart.

She then Added: “Maybe I will do it someday. ;-)”

Arkansaw natives captioned posts showing that they were wearing leggings that fit their body during their workout. “Autumn day when the weather is nice, podcast + intermittent running / walking = refreshing!”

This isn’t the first time Jill has made fun of the idea of ​​tattooing, and it’s not the first time she has blatantly rebelled against her strict parents’ rules.

In October, Jill began tinkering with the idea of ​​inking her skin and showed off her new “tattoo” on social media.

The fake on her wrist was read as “Jesus only Jesus.”

Jill showed her fans how she made the ink and posted her video with black ink on her arm.

She captioned the post and featured a snap with a Bible quote on the side of her hand: “Who can order the highest praise? Who has the name above all?

“You are standing alone, I am surprised. Jesus, only Jesus.”

Fans were intrigued by the idea that Jill would have a tattoo — something she was never allowed to do under Dagger’s rules.

One believer commented, “You should make them permanent.”

Another wrote: “I love these!”

“The henna design on the wrist will make a beautiful tattoo,” said a third commentator. “Every time I start to feel stressed, I feel like I really love that reminder every day.”

During the move

Jill has a husband, Derrick Dillard, and two sons.

Boys, Israel, 6 people, Samuel, 4 people, Go to public school, Jill and her brother were homeschooled and learned a religion-based curriculum.

It’s just one of many ways Jill and Derrick have escaped from their rigorous upbringing, but they continue to stick to the Christian faith.

Jill left her family Humble standardsWearing pants and shorts, showing her shoulders.

She and Derrick drink alcohol, and the pair allows children to watch traditional television.

They recently showed off their Halloween decorations. This is very different from the way they were raised.

Jill’s Jim Bob’s relationship with Michelle is tense..

In a YouTube video in October, she said she was “away” from them, adding: To ensure healing and recovery, but we need to take some time to heal. “

She admitted that it was “difficult”.


Jim Bob and Michelle Dagger raised Jill and the other children very hardCredit: Instagram


Jill and her husband, Derrick Dillard, have escaped from their upbringingCredit: Instagram


They raise their children, Israel and Samuel in their own wayCredits: Instagram / Jill Duggar
Jill Dagger shows off her “fresh haircut” and makes fun of “big changes” after revealing that reality stars may have tattoos.

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Jill Dagger shows off her “fresh haircut” and makes fun of “big changes” after revealing that reality stars may have tattoos.

Source link Jill Dagger shows off her “fresh haircut” and makes fun of “big changes” after revealing that reality stars may have tattoos.

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