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Jet2 furious as mourning family struggling to get 800 800 from vacation | Great Britain |: news

Charlene Bocros, 38, of Leicester, died of a heart attack shortly after Christmas, leaving her 15-year-old son, Tyler. Mrs. Bocros planned to take her son there Greek: Kos Island paid 15 815 over the summer for a 00 1,200 trip. But in order for the family to get the money back. Jet2: Demands that they pass on the contractual right to appoint Charlie’s executor at great expense. There is no set level for when a bereaved family should be entitled to a contract, but this is usually the case for larger properties involving multiple assets or other assets.

The family’s lawyer said that if they wanted to return the money, they would have to pay around 500 500 to go to contractual imprisonment.

Karen Gaze, Charlene’s mother, describing the incident, said: “He died suddenly և unexpectedly on December 28 from a heart attack. His brother Paul found him and tried to resurrect him. We are all destroyed.

“We later learned that he had a heart problem of which he was unaware. He was due to take Tyler on June 25 to celebrate Tyler’s 16th birthday.

“Charlene was always a future thinker, she paid a little bit for the holidays every month so she could pay for it in advance. He paid about 15 815 for two out of 00 1,200. ”

Ms. Gaze said there was nothing in the payment plan to say that it would be difficult to get compensation after Charlie’s death.

He added. “Jet2 is very sympathetic over the phone, it treats it very well, but they tell me I have to have an executor for Charlene’s property, which my lawyer says is just completely unnecessary, it will cost around ֆ 500.

“The money is for Tyler, we want him to have it, but all he will get is 300 300 when we pay the executor. It’s so annoying because we’ve created an account for the money Charlene was supposed to make. come in և the banks allowed us to get the money.

“But this money is for Charlene’s poor son, et Jet2 is digging their heels. I sent her a death certificate, even a birth certificate, to prove that I was her mother.

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“But they will send the money only to the executor of his property. It was difficult for Tyler. he is only 15 years old և he has his GCSEs.

“He is very strong, but it was difficult, emotionally for all of us. I just do not want to argue anymore! “

Ms. Gaze added that she would have been more fortunate if she had been dishonest.

He said. “Ironically, I could have just called, wishing I had asked Charlene to cancel. They would have given me back in full. “But instead I decided to be honest.”

Jet2 has stated that no exceptions will be made in this case.

The announcement of the airline says: “We want to express our sincere condolences to Ms. Gaze and her family at this difficult time.

“As the account used for the initial booking has been closed, we can not refund that account. As such, we have asked Ms. Gaze to provide documentation that shows that she is the bearer of her daughter’s property so that we can return it directly to her. .

“Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this because we have not received this proof of competence. We sincerely hope we will be able to complete the compensation once proof of this eligibility is established, և we have been in contact with Ms. Gaze to explain this. »

Jet2 furious as mourning family struggling to get 800 800 from vacation | Great Britain |: news

Source Jet2 furious as mourning family struggling to get 800 800 from vacation | Great Britain |: news

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