Jessie J says she “holds hope” after a tragic miscarriage

Jessie J In a later candid post she revealed that she “has a firm hold of hope.” Her tragic miscarriage last month.

Singer Jesse, 33, posted her photo on the Instagram page on Saturday, December 11th and made it available to fans.

In the photo, Jesse looks great with minimal makeup while looking into the camera and smiling.

She wears a gray hoodie with a black coat at the top of the photo.

Jessie J shared the first photo she took for weeks when she opened the door to fans

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Jesse opened her heart to her emotions following her tragic miscarriage at the end of November when she shared it with her 10.6 million followers.

In the caption, Jesse revealed that the image was “the first photo of himself in a few weeks.”

She added: “I respect all my heavy emotions, but I have the strongest hope, happiness, and joy.”

The singer was then flooded with supportive comments from fans. “I can feel all my feelings. One of the shows a few years ago inspired me to do that. I hope you can do that too. Send you a big hug. increase”.

Jesse shared catastrophic news with fans last month
Jesse shared catastrophic news with fans last month

Another addition: “I am very proud of you. I am deeply proud. I will send you the greatest hug.”

While one-third writes: “Beautiful, strong, female ..”

Jesse announced the tragic news of a miscarriage in an Instagram post at the end of November.

Voice coach Jesse shared a photo of her doing a pregnancy test on how to hide her pregnancy from fans at her next performance, laughing and joking with her friends a day before the miscarriage.

Jessie J played the same day she announced she had lost her baby
Jessie J played the same day she announced she had lost her baby

She states:

“By yesterday afternoon, I was afraid of the idea of ​​going through the gig without breaking …”

Jesse said: “After going to the third scan and being told that my heartbeat was gone.

“This morning. I feel like I can’t control my emotions. You may regret posting this. You may not. I don’t really know.

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“I know that I want to sing tonight, not because I avoid sadness and the process, but because I know that singing tonight helps me.”

Jesse later deleted the post and has since stated that he “reacted in working mode” in another upload.

She shared a video of her singer with a series of thought-provoking quotes and revealed in the caption: “I posted about losing a baby a few hours after being told. I’m in work mode. It reacted.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that we sometimes devote more energy to creating an unhealthy process of our pain in front of the camera than to admit it in real time behind the camera.”

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Jessie J says she "holds hope" after a tragic miscarriage

Source link Jessie J says she "holds hope" after a tragic miscarriage

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