Jessie J reveals that she caught Covid with her own gig weeks after a catastrophic miscarriage

Jessie J Revealed that she had signed a contract with Covid just a few weeks later I suffered a tragic miscarriage.

The singer branded her gig as a “safe space,” but sadly, Jesse (full name Jessica Cornish) soon tested positive from Covid.

While she was infected with the virus, 33-year-old Jesse saw the bright side of things, feeling that the gig really worked.

Sharing a series of snapshots taken at a gig at a hotel cafe in Hollywood on December 15, she wrote: balance. “

The Pricetag singer captioned the video she shared the day after she played her hit “Nobody’s Perfect.” “” You are in a safe place “(private joke. You had to be there). “

Jessie J signed with Covid at one of her concerts

Along with another video, Jesse writes:

“So boom … I pretend to look different, and you just sneak up on me (whoever you are).”

“It’s always good right away. It’s cool,” she added.

Others who attended the gig also commented on how much they enjoyed her performance despite their Covid concerns, but pointed out that the concert was far from a “safe place”. ..

One follower said: “Safe space” my a **. It was a great show! I’ve been wearing my mask all the time in a great intimate space. I felt like Rona was lurking in the room. “

Jesse has done many intimate gigs across the United States

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Another wrote: “I wore a mask throughout the show !!! I was very surprised because few people wore masks. We thought about leaving, but her love for music It kept us a few days later and took the test because it wasn’t safe! “

Meanwhile, many others of Jesse’s 10 million Instagram followers wanted her to recover quickly.

Jesse seems to have done a lot of intimate gigs across the United States before Covid tested positive. One of them was done by her just hours after receiving the catastrophic news.

Sharing her video singing in Los Angeles, the 33-year-old wrote a long post about how she felt as a result of her miscarriage.

“I posted about losing a baby a few hours after being told. I reacted in work mode. Rather than admitting in real time behind the camera, I had an unhealthy process of my pain in front of the camera. It’s no exaggeration to say that we can put more energy into creating. The idea that “the show must continue” reacted before the humans in me reacted, “Jesse said. wrote.

Jesse revealed that he lost his baby in November

“It was my first idea to have to justify the audience for tomorrow’s show and explain to the world why I’m a little farther away.

“I have to turn this into inspiration. I know it’s okay and it’s going to be a strong moment. Is that right for me?

“The truth is, I just had to cry, fall on someone’s arm and sob. But then I was alone. I wasn’t doing anything.

“After this show, I didn’t know what I was going to experience, not only emotionally but physically.”

Jesse went on to say that many women who had the same experience as her understood why they wanted people to be more open about their experience.

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Jessie J reveals that she caught Covid with her own gig weeks after a catastrophic miscarriage

Source link Jessie J reveals that she caught Covid with her own gig weeks after a catastrophic miscarriage

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