Jessica Wright shows off a growing baby bump before her first child is born

Jess Wright After returning from her honeymoon in Dubai with her husband William Lee Kemp, she made her debut as a growing baby Bump.

Jess, 36, announced in November: She was expecting her first child Only a few weeks after she and William tied the knot.

The newlyweds then enjoyed a romantic trip to Dubai for their honeymoon, and While there, I celebrated Jess’s birthday.

During the holidays, Jess shared a series of snapshots of the ever-blooming bumps, treating 1.5 million followers as another follower. In front of the Christmas tree After returning to the UK.

Jess has since shared another update on her bump and proudly showed it off at Mirror Selfie while shopping.

Jess Wright introduced her flowering bumps on social media

In Snap, Mom put her hand on her growing stomach, wearing a matching light brown top and flared trousers, in combination with an oversized black and white cardigan.

To perfect the look, Jess wore a white sweatshirt and a black shoulder bag.

Jess’s exciting baby news triggered her mom Carroll says he thinks he’s removed the pressure from his brother Mark. , Marry our girl actor Michelle Keegan and give birth to a baby.

Mark and Michelle are both 34 years old and have been married for 6 years.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been married since 2015

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“When I’m ready, I’m ready. They’re so busy that I’m sure it will happen when the time comes,” Carroll said. new! Her son and daughter-in-law are giving birth to their own baby.

Carroll added that her reaction to hearing the news of Jess’s pregnancy was: She came and talked with me and Natalia (the youngest of Carol). It’s just amazing. She will be a wonderful mom. “

Meanwhile, Carroll’s other child, Josh, 32, is hoping for a baby with his wife, Holly.

Josh announced the news to Jess and his family shortly before Jess’s wedding. By doing so, I continued to receive repulsion As people suggested he was trying to steal the spotlight from his sister.

Jess and William announced they were pregnant a few weeks after they got married

Jess Wright suddenly wept after Josh told her exciting news.

Carol has admitted it ever since It was her idea that Josh would announce his and Holly’s pregnancy. When they did.

she said new!: “Well, it was I who told them to do it! They kept trying to gather boys and girls for dinner to talk to them before the holidays, but everyone was busy is.

“So when we arrived at Jess’s wedding holiday, I said,’Do it now,’ and they said,’No, it’s not fair.’ “It will be Jessica’s day,” he said.

While Jess’s wedding viewers complained about the timing of Josh’s announcement, Jess himself shed tears over the moon when he heard the good news.

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Jessica Wright shows off a growing baby bump before her first child is born

Source link Jessica Wright shows off a growing baby bump before her first child is born

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