Jessica Wright says her family is talking to shoot a Kardashian-style TV show

Jessica Wright Revealed that her family is discussing having their own Kardashian-style reality television show.

former TOWIE After years of speculation, the star shared the exciting news that ITV is trying to give a green light to new TV shows. The new TV show will also feature model Natalia Wright and paired soccer player brother Josh Wright.

The Essex family became almost royalty on ITV’s reality television show, and with the success of Jess’s wedding show, they finally reached the stage of advanced discussion about the project.

Carol and Mark Sr., parents, will appear regularly, centered on Jess (36 years old), Josh (32 years old), and Natalia (21 years old).

Jess and Natalia looked great in black dresses at the ITVPalooza event

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In an interview with MailOnline, Jess revealed that their grandmother Irene was also in line to participate.

Irene will be the new “family head” after Jess’s Nanny Pat died.

“Behind the show about my wedding, I’m now interested in doing a series following our family,” Jess told the publication.

“It’s been rumored for years, but now is the right time because my brother Josh is giving birth to a baby. It feels like a natural time as my family may start to grow soon.

Jessica Wright has begun advanced discussions with her family and ITV to do the reality TV series.

“We have a lot of people, a lot of characters, and we’re used to being around the camera.

“It’s a second nature for us,” Star added.

Jess also made fun of his brother Mark Wright and his wife Michelle Keegan (both 34 years old) being able to even make cameo appearances on reality shows, but given their busy career, they could be regulars. Low.

A social media influencer who married her husband William Leakemp in September continued that her Nanny Eileen is a “pretty character” and could be a star in the show.

Jessica Wright introduced her fans to the interior of Mallorca’s wedding in her “fairy tale” on a reality show, “Jessica Wright: Wedding,” on Monday night.

Jess said he had only “a small amount” because his grandmother was “a little shy” during the Wright family’s TOWIE era, but the reality series insisted “I’ll do it now.”

It comes as Jess and Natalia attended the ITV Parusa Gala in London on Tuesday night.

The sisters looked great in black dresses and posed on the blue carpet, rubbing their shoulders with many other celebrities for the channel’s annual showcase.

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Jessica Wright says her family is talking to shoot a Kardashian-style TV show

Source link Jessica Wright says her family is talking to shoot a Kardashian-style TV show

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