Jessica Wright learned that she was pregnant eight days after her wedding.

Jess Wright She found out that she and her new husband, William Lee Kemp, were hoping that their first child would be together just eight days after saying “I will.”

Jess, 36, Recorded her gorgeous wedding with an ITVbeTV specialJess Wright: A wedding showing that TOWIE Star and William are getting married in Mallorca.

During the program, Jess’s younger brother, Josh, 31, shared some exciting news: He and his wife Holly were expecting a baby.. Jess knew very little, she would soon have found the same news herself.

Taken to Instagram on Thursday, January 27th to answer a Q & A, Jess was asked if she knew she was pregnant when she got married.

Jess Wright shared the happy news she’s hoping for a boy

She replied: I found out after 8 days. The greatest impact of our lives !!!!!! “

Then another asked what a 36-year-old person likes about pregnancy.

“It’s an excuse to eat biscuits and drink tea whenever you want and blame your thirst for sugar,” Jess joked.

She went on to add:[being pregnant] It’s just the most wonderful feeling. “And” Everyone is very kind to you. “

TOWIE star Jessica Wright said she became pregnant shortly after her wedding. "Maximum impact"
TOWIE star Jessica Wright said learning about her pregnancy shortly after the wedding was the “greatest shock.”

Jess said she was pregnant "I feel the most wonderful"
Jess got pregnant and squirted

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Before becoming pregnant, Jess decided to freeze the eggs after her mother, Carol, experienced menopause at a young age. Her grandmother Pat had a similar experience.

Jess was worried that she might also be showing signs of premature menopause, so she took the plunge and frozen the eggs.

she Grazia Last year: “There are a lot of girls in my position. But only when you see the article, if your mom experiences premature menopause, you experience it 5 years earlier than your mom and grandmother. I realized that I might do it. ”

Jess's mom Carroll experienced a 41-year-old menopause
Jess’s mom Carroll experienced a 41-year-old menopause

“I’m not in the menopause, but my night sweats are getting worse,” Jess continued.

“I knew it was a symptom, so I was really, really panicking myself, experiencing menopause, or swirling in this ditch I’m about to start, And I can have a child who was worried if we had to. “

In the wake of the exciting news of Jess and Will, Carroll admitted that she wanted it. Pressures son Mark (35) and wife Michelle Keegan (34) to give birth.

The pair have been married for almost 7 years.

“When I’m ready, I’m ready. They’re so busy that I’m sure it will happen when the time comes.” She told us..

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Jessica Wright learned that she was pregnant eight days after her wedding.

Source link Jessica Wright learned that she was pregnant eight days after her wedding.

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