Jess Hayes says Christmas “discolors” and “causes sadness” after miscarriage of his son Teddy

Jess Hayes When she tragically celebrated her year, Christmas revealed that it was the “trigger” of her “sadness.” Miscarriage of son Teddy..

28 years old, Someone who previously revealed that she was “focusing on her son Presley”The celebration period after her heart was left “shattered” when she had a miscarriage five months after her second pregnancy with her ex-fiancé Dunlory in November 2020. I explained how it is a “trigger”.

Jess, the mother of Presley, a two-and-a-half-year-old son who shares with ex-Dan, understood! She is preparing to spend her first Christmas as a single parent and is looking forward to spending time with her family in Oxfordshire.

Looking back on the disappearance of her 19-week-old son Teddy, Jess talked about her feelings, saying, “It was difficult to deal with, but I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude.”

Jess Hayes reveals that Christmas is a “trigger” from her “sadness”

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Jess, who left Dan in May, just six months after losing Teddy, added: It for Presley at the end of the day.

“I’m a little grinch! I try not to do that, but I’m a little. I’m trying to cheer up Christmas, but it’s a little trigger, so it’s difficult.

“Even Christmas songs etc. can sometimes inspire me because I remember this time last year when I was in that strange bubble of sadness. It was hard.”

Jess is the mother of her two and a half year old son Presley

Meanwhile, Jess, who is affiliated with Muscle Food, revealed that after exercising with a personal trainer and eating a nutritious meal, she feels like “I again.”

After winning the first series of Love Island with Max Morley in 2015, Jess, who gained fame, explains:

“I felt very miserable and lost confidence. I became my shell from this confident girl.

Jess, who is affiliated with Muscle Food, reveals that she feels like “again me.”

“Then I obviously split with Dan, and it was like a storm one after another, and I think I was single and I was like” right “, I’m basically kind of like felt. ”

Jess has lost three stones, going from the 12th 7 pounds to the 9th 7 pounds and is now in “pre-Presley” weight. “I ate more regularly, took care of myself, and was in the gym, which completely changed my lifestyle,” she added.

Jess lost three stones

Jess reveals how a pre-prepared diet can help maintain her health

Meanwhile, the mother revealed how her business coach and meditation teacher “changed her mind”, focusing on the former reality star’s top priority on herself.

Jess reveals what she’s doing with her “pre-Presley” weight

Jess said: I didn’t care what I looked like, I didn’t, I always put Presley first.

“Now I’m alone and it’s like’you’re still young’. When you’re in a relationship, you feel a little trapped and you just feel comfortable and lose yourself. Now I’m happy because I’m out of that toxic environment. ”

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Jess Hayes says Christmas "discolors" and "causes sadness" after miscarriage of his son Teddy

Source link Jess Hayes says Christmas "discolors" and "causes sadness" after miscarriage of his son Teddy

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