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Jersey-casinos.com: Types of hockey bets – How do you bet?

Ice hockey is the fourth most important sport for bettors after football, tennis and basketball. We have various betting options on offer from online bookmakers or online casino njand many don’t even know all the existing terms. That’s why I thought I’d present below the types of bets on hockey and explain what each one means, as well as how to validate bets where applicable.

Jersey-casinos.com: Types of hockey bets - How do you bet?

The main types of hockey bets

Here are the most popular types of ice hockey bets and what each entails:

Final score – in regulation playing time

This is a very popular type of bet because it is on the winning team, not counting overtime. Here you have 3 betting options, 1, X and 2:

– If you bet 1, it means you are betting on a win for the hosts in this match.

– If you bet on X, you anticipate that the match will end in a draw at the end of regulation time.

– If you bet 2, you have placed a bet on the hosts to win.

Win the match – includes possible extra time

This is similar to the previous bet, but the difference is the overtime period, which changes the result in the event of a draw. The odds offered on this type of hockey bet are lower than the odds offered on the winner in regulation time. This is because your prediction will win even if the game ends in a tie, but the team you bet on wins in overtime. Therefore, the odds go down, but your chances of winning may be higher.

Total goals

Part of the ice hockey betting category where you can place a bet on the total number of goals you anticipate being scored in a particular game. It is an under/over bet, where you have to choose from the options offered, the number of goals you think will be scored in the game. For example, if you are betting on over 6.5, you need at least 7 goals to be scored during the match.

Double chance

Although the odds offered are lower than match winner, your chances are higher with this type of bet because you can opt for:

– 1X – hosts win or match ends in a draw

– X2 – guests win or match ends in a draw

– 12 – either team wins

Here you have to keep in mind that only the regular game time is taken into account.

There are a lot more options to bet but you can check them if you are interested in your research.

Jersey-casinos.com: Types of hockey bets - How do you bet?

Tips for bettors

If you have decided to place one of these types of hockey bets, you should know the following:

– There are 3 halves or periods in a hockey game, 20 minutes each.

– Interruptions in the game caused by various factors do not count towards the actual playing time. Therefore, a period may last longer or shorter, depending on the interruptions that occur during the period.

– Unless otherwise specified in the offer, the validation of a winning prediction will be made on the basis of the regular playing time, i.e. only the results recorded at the end of the last period or half of the match are taken into account.

How many players are on the hockey team?

In a hockey team there are 6 players, a goalie, 2 defensemen and 3 forwards. Every hockey game starts with a dispute for the puck at center ice, which the referee throws out. Whoever wins possession has the first attack. The goalie’s goal is to keep the puck from going into his own net. The goaltenders aim to clear the area in front of the goal and are usually behind the forwards, beyond the blue line. The center-forward does both phases and covers most of the ice, while the wingers are usually responsible for scoring goals.

Helpful betting tips

When it comes to strategies, the opinions of the players who bet on the various types of ice hockey bets are divided. It’s good to keep a few things in mind, though, before placing a bet:

– Find out from the sources you have available about the form of the teams that are about to meet, the results of the direct matches between them and the position each occupies in the standings.

– A team with many suspended or injured players may not perform to its usual potential.

– There are teams that perform better at home, just as there are teams that perform better away from home.

– It is possible that a team already mathematically qualified for the playoffs of a competition may not approach the matches with the same determination as other teams fighting to reach the next stage.

– Try to play a small number of games on a single ticket, the more you play, the less likely you are to win.

– If you’re going to place a higher stake on a single match, on a favorite team winning, you may want to choose one of the ‘double chance’ or ‘win the match’ options (including any extra time or shootout) from the various types of hockey bets. The profit will be lower if you win, but the chances of getting it are much higher. The same is true if you opt to put more than one match of the hockey betting offer on an accumulator ticket.

– When you want to bet a larger number of matches on a single ticket, it would be better to do it on a combo or system ticket. It’s frustrating to lose a game or two when you’ve caught all the other picks you’ve bet on. The payoff may be smaller, but much more likely.

Hockey betting conclusions

As you can see, the hockey betting options you can place allow you to choose what seems easier or safer. Keep a close eye on the odds offered by the bookmakers, as well as the evolution of your favorite teams, and you’ll end up forming your own betting system over time.

Try your luck at hockey betting!!


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