Jema Collins unveils a stunning giant Christmas tree at £ 1.35m Essex’s house

Jema Collins Revealing her Christmas tree, she says she is preparing for a grinch-themed Christmas at Essex.

The 40-year-old reality star posted a video on Instagram showing that a tree decorated with white and silver decorations is placed in Essex’s house.

Jema emphasized that the tree wasn’t a free gift and explained that he was turning his house into a hoodie at Christmas and preparing for the Grinch to arrive.

Jema writes: Lock up with a grinch. “

Jema Collins shared a preview of the new Christmas tree in Essex’s house

Jema tree is decorated with white and silver decoration

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Former TOWIE star also added that this tree is not a free gift and loves to support the business as much as possible.

Jema continues. “Also, this is not a free gift. I’m not such a celebrity. I respect people having to work, everyone needs to eat, and I love to support business as much as possible. It’s life, but it’s not just about taking, it’s about returning. I firmly believe in this. “

Come after the stars Recently revealed her new role as a stepmother She shared with her partner Lami Hawash’s three-year-old son a plan to renovate her home in honor of one of Tristan’s favorite Christmas movies.

Speak in Jema Collins Podcast Earlier this month, the GC said, “I want a reindeer, I want a sled, I want a 40-million-foot Christmas tree,” and added that a garden is needed to “light up like a grinch’s hoodie.”

Gemma Collins is the stepmother of her partner’s 3-year-old son Tristan

Jema is preparing for Christmas

She said about seeing the grinch with Tristan. “I’m already planning Christmas decorations. I have to admit that I downloaded and saw the Grinch the other day. I’m crazy about it.

“It was like’Come to see the Grinch’, but I’m 3 years old so it might be a little scary, but I was worried if I wore the real version with humans in it.

“So I went straight ahead and saw them making a cartoon version. Anyway, I was really excited because he absolutely loved it,” Oh, grinch to him. I can’t wait to get my pajamas. “

Jema said she wants to go to Bethlehem with her partner Lami for Christmas

Jema, who rekindled her romance with Lami in the summer after her first date in 2011, previously explained how to host Christmas for her family at Essex’s £ 1.35 million home, but in 2022. In Israel, it rings with her bollami.

Talk to all right!, Jema said:

“Madonna was there and now is the time.”

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Jema Collins unveils a stunning giant Christmas tree at £ 1.35m Essex's house

Source link Jema Collins unveils a stunning giant Christmas tree at £ 1.35m Essex's house

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