Jema Collins treats Bo Lami as a gift for designers who are “forever looking forward”.

Jema Collins Her boyfriend, Lami Hawash, gave a lot of gorgeous gifts on her first Christmas after reuniting.

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Jema and Lami, 44, had dated on and off for three years before splitting in 2014.

The pair event was engaged after Lami hid the ring in Christmas pudding in 2013, but a few months later, the pair called it quit.

Gemma and Rami have been on and off for three years until 2014.

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However, GC and her beauty Lami look happier than ever as they spend their first Christmas as a couple after the reunion.

And Jema, Those who have recently experienced stunning hair changes, He spared no expense to ruin her beloved beauty during the celebration.

On her Instagram page, Jema shared a photo of Lami in Christmas-like pajamas surrounded by gifts in the backs of designers such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana.

In the caption, Jema sent a tribute to her man.

Jema Collins ruins Bo Lami on the first Christmas after reuniting

Jema said in a sweet compliment, “I’m looking forward to our lives together forever.”

She writes: “Merry Christmas to my loved ones Thank you for making my life so complete @rami_hawash_ I love you”.

Later, Jema added, “I’m looking forward to our lives together forever,” before ending the message with a red heart emoji.

Since returning together earlier this year, the couple has become more and more empowered.

Enthusiastic, Jema openly discussed her plans to start a family with Lami.

Jema Collins is the stepmother to Lami’s son Tristan

Lami is already a 3-year-old Tristan’s dad from a previous relationship, and Gemma accepts her role as a stepmother. I thanked Lami’s ex-wife for her son-in-law.

Gemma recently discussed her plans on the Gemma Collins podcast. She states: “I have found the love of my life. Now I am definitely ready to have a baby. Amy Childs congratulates her. She knows everything about having a child.

“We chased the champagne glass well. She was like,” Jema, you need to know your date. “

“She brought this date calendar. Her mother Julie took me to a fertility doctor many years ago. I will never forget it. Having a child As for they know it all. “

Jema plans to have a baby with her Borami

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Jema added:

“She is very invested in my baby. She really wants me to have a baby. Apparently you can only get pregnant four days a month. I I didn’t know that.

“She was also telling Lami about the days he needed to be available, it was hilarious. If only the camera was there.”

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Jema Collins treats Bo Lami as a gift for designers who are "forever looking forward".

Source link Jema Collins treats Bo Lami as a gift for designers who are "forever looking forward".

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