Jema Collins shares a rare in-law snap while enjoying time with Bo Lami Hawash

Jema Collins She shared her adorable snaps, so her beloved stepmother was everywhere 3-year-old son-in-law Tristan..

A glimpse of her cozy winter weekend, the former The Only Way Is Essex star uploaded a sweet snap of a young man from her previous romance, the only son of her lover Lami Hawash.

Little Tristan was dressed in warm beige clothes and fluffy gray beans, and stood with his back to a photo camera with a snow filter on it.

40 years old, A person who recently erupted about her wonderful relationship with Tristan’s motherAlso, I shared a brief clip of her ironed clothes on Borami and then took a selfie together.

Jema Collins shared a lovely snap of his 3-year-old son-in-law Tristan

Jema snuggled up to take a selfie with Lami

A blonde reality star who used the same snow filter as “Happy Weekend” wrote in the photo.

Just last week, when Jema opened her Christmas plans, she revealed that she had a “really good relationship” with her son-in-law, Tristan’s mother.

Jema reveals that she had a “really good relationship” with the mother of her son-in-law, Tristan.

She is exclusive all right! that She loves Tristan “until she dies” I bought all his Christmas gifts.

In the summer after her first date in 2011, Jema rekindled her romance with Lami, explaining how much time she spends Christmas with her nephew at Essex’s £ 1.35 million home.

“I have a really good relationship with his mom, and we all love Tristan to death,” Jema said.

Jema shared a clip of her Borami ironing clothes

“We haven’t properly finalized the last details, but no doubt. He will be very excited, and I have actually already purchased all his Christmas gifts.”

Jema added: [Tristan] I had to put his present in the loft as it was the first one I actually bought.

“I think children need to understand the value of things, so it’s best not to spoil them too much with them.”

Just last week, Jema revealed that she loves her stepchild Tristan “until death.”

Jema talks about what Tristan unpacks on Christmas Day, “He’s crazy about Stickman! So Julia Donaldson’s books and all that stuff.

“Little by little, I booked to go to Lapland UK because he loves to die. And I have my nephew and stuff.”

She continued: “For me, I treat everyone else at Christmas, I’m Mrs. Klaus! I honestly treat everyone all year long!”

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Jema Collins shares a rare in-law snap while enjoying time with Bo Lami Hawash

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