Jema Collins shares a photo of his son-in-law’s “nice” mom after Christmas together

Jema Collins He published the first photo of her son-in-law, Tristan’s mom, revealing that they had a festive period together.

Recently 40 years old She said “Thank you” for saving the life of former James Argent three times., Visited her Instagram story and posted a snap to see 2.2 million followers.

The photo shows Fernanda Metz, the mother of her fiancé Lami Hawash’s three-year-old son, looking gorgeous in a leaf-printed dress in black tights.

She turned her brunette mane down as she posed for dinner. About this, the GC wrote: “Tristans lovely mummy @ nandamess 2018”.

Jema Collins shared a snap of her son-in-law Tristan’s mom

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Lami, a TOWIE star and owner of an auto machinery repair company in Essex’s Ronford, repeated the three-year date when Lami asked a question in 2013.

The couple canceled their engagement a few months later, but Lami later married Fernanda, Jema dated her TOWIE co-star James..

Following the collapse of Lami’s marriage and the division of Jema from James, The pair rekindled their romance earlier this year, And now I am engaged again.

Jema Times When asked if she was engaged: “Yes, but Lamb was previously married and his papers haven’t arrived, so we can’t say anything yet. It’s officially signed. Until we said nothing. “

Jema took a photo with boyfriend Lami and his 3-year-old son Tristan

“They haven’t been together for two years. I know her, she has a partner, she’s as good as gold. She has kids, he’s only three, obviously I love him to death, “she continued.

“But I can’t leave until the document is signed.”

Jema has been very vocal about her love for Lami, and said over the celebration period She is 46 years old and is looking forward to “forever”.

She also expressed her desire to tie a knot with Lami, revealing what she wanted to do. Three weddings to celebrate their wedding.

Jema wants to have three weddings

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Jema Sun: “I love good weddings. I’m probably going to have three weddings.

“I’m a real wedding, a wedding in the entertainment world, and … to be honest, my wedding lasts about a year.”

TOWIE veterans also discussed having Lami and a child in the not too distant future, and how Amy Childs would help her get pregnant.

Jema recently said in a podcast: “I have found the love of my life. Now I am definitely ready to have a baby. Amy Childs congratulates her.

Jema expressed her desire to have a child

“We chased the champagne glass well. She was like,” Jema, you need to know your date. ” “

“She brought this date calendar. Her mother Julie took me to a fertility doctor many years ago. I will never forget it. Having a child They know it all about, “Jema continued.

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Jema Collins shares a photo of his son-in-law's "nice" mom after Christmas together

Source link Jema Collins shares a photo of his son-in-law's "nice" mom after Christmas together

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