Jema Collins said her mother “meeted an alien on the train” and used her “sixth sense” to “telepathically speak.”

Jema Collins claimed that her mother “meeted an alien on the train” and revealed how she spoke using her “sixth sense.”

former The only way is Essex The star opened about her Mama Joan’s strange alien Encounter at this week’s Jema Collins podcast.


Jema said her mother, Joan, used her heart to talk to the aliens.Credit: INSTAGRAM
Jema said her mom could use her "sixth sense" To talk to extraterrestrial


Jema said her mother was able to use her “sixth sense” to talk to extraterrestrials.Credit: Alamy

Jema, 40, Her mother said she noticed something “strange” outside the globe that looked like a “blind man” while traveling by train.

Joan “telepathically speaks” to the being she believed could use the power of the witch to read her mind from the other side of the carriage.

The GC explained: “I believe in aliens. My mother actually met the aliens on the train. She said,” I was sitting on the train and saw this guy. “

“Her sixth sense as a witch was sick and my mother started to feel really uncomfortable. Something didn’t feel right about him.”

Jema further elaborated that when Joan telepathically spoke to him, an entity with “dead eyes” was hiding his face behind the newspaper.

She told the man to buzz his newspaper three times to make sure he could come from another planet and read her thoughts.

“My eyes were dead, so she said in her head,” If you’re an alien, move the newspaper up and down, and move the newspaper up and down three times, “Jema continued.

“He did that. My mother thinks this guy was reading her mind. The aliens were literally formed as humans, but she never got over the story.”

Jema joked that he wasn’t afraid of aliens and wanted to meet them. I invited a boring extraterrestrial to my house for Christmas.

“I believe they are real. I want to meet them. If you have an alien looking for a place to come for Christmas, come to me,” she joked.

It comes shortly after Jema opens about not wearing jewelry in public anymore I’m afraid she’ll be robbed by a gangster..

Her Twee companion Joe Yessex was robbed at Knife Point for his £ 10,000 Rolex in a horrifying street encounter in 2012, and Jema wants to avoid the same fate.

This means that expensive jewelery, like the £ 16,000 ring given to her by her boyfriend Lami in 2013, spends most of her time in the safe.

and Exclusive chat with the sun, Jema said:

“I don’t wear jewelry. I don’t keep anything in my house. Everything is in a safe. I know London is chasing you gangsters.

“You have to be vigilant on the ball. It happened to poor Joey, it’s very scary.”

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Jema Collins said her mother “meeted an alien on the train” and used her “sixth sense” to “telepathically speak.”

Source link Jema Collins said her mother “meeted an alien on the train” and used her “sixth sense” to “telepathically speak.”

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