Jema Collins receives a £ 160 wrinkle injection to “keep youthful without a fake look”

Jema Collins The injection of over 160 pounds of wrinkles she received gave her a “youthful look”.

Claim not to be 40-year-old Botox TOWIE Stars used social media to show results to 2.2 million followers.

Jema describes the injections she received from the Orocham Clinic in northern London: There was reflexology today. Everything to keep you at the level when the full moon is happening. “

“The great thing about this new remedy is that it looks youthful, not filler, not Botox. Everyone, we want it now. It’s nice and young, without looking full of excitement. It looks like it. So check it out. It’s a new product on the market. “

TOWIE’s Gemma Collins talked to 2.2 million Instagram followers about her new £ 160 procedure.

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Jema went on to say that this treatment was “new” and to make it look youthful “without looking like a fake”.

“So I just talk to the beautiful Fernanda here,” she continued in the clip. “It will improve elasticity and firmness-so when I wake up in the morning, everyone, let’s see what it does on the full moon.”

This is not the first time Jema has injected her face.Return In 2019 she had a filler Put her cheeks, nasolabial folds, chins and valley of tears.

Gemma operates at a clinic called Skulpt in Chesher.

40-year-old was excited about the results of her recent injections

Sharing a TOWIE star snap on social media, the clinic explained why the injection was behind.

“Filler for what? No surgical contour-to strengthen or mold,” he said.

“Mechanism: Uses a long-lasting HA filler. Result-immediate, note-individual results may vary.”

Treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes and the clinic promises no recovery time.

Average costs range from £ 375 to a whopping £ 3500.

Jema started a health kick in the new year

Jema not only changed his face, but also started a health kick in the New Year and recently. We have started a new meal plan.

Gemma shares videos of crouching, lifting dumbbells and doing push-ups to improve his fitness routine.

Meanwhile, her new meal plan is offered by Muscle Food.

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Jema Collins receives a £ 160 wrinkle injection to "keep youthful without a fake look"

Source link Jema Collins receives a £ 160 wrinkle injection to "keep youthful without a fake look"

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