Jean-Marc Vallée, director of Big Little Lies at the Dallas Buyers Club, dies at age 58

Jean-Marc Vallée died at the age of 58 in a cabin on the outskirts of Quebec City, Canada. deadline I am reporting.

News of his death was shared on Sunday, December 26, Boxing Day, his death was “sudden” and he “died in his hut outside Quebec City, shocking his family and close advisers. I have received it. ” “”

The official cause of death has not yet been announced, but the publication added that “he died on December 25 and is likely to have been found the next morning.”

Jean-Marc, whose sons Alex and Emile survived, was an acclaimed filmmaker who won an Emmy Award and a DGA Award for the TV show Big Little Lies.

Jean-Marc Vallée died suddenly at the age of 58

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He was also nominated for an Oscar after directing the Dallas Buyers Club, which starred people like Matthew McConaughey.

Following his tragic passage, his producer Nathan Ross said:

“He was a true artist, generous and affectionate. Everyone who worked with him had to see his talent and vision.

Jean-Marc producer Nathan Ross called him a “true artist”

“He was a friend, a creative partner, and an older brother to me.

“The Maestro will be missed from the bottom of my heart, but it’s comforting to know that his beautiful style and the impactful work he has shared with the world will continue to live.”

When Reese Witherspoon posted a snap with him on the Instagram story, a celebrity who worked with Jean Marc and praised him also shared a compliment. She writes on it: “With a broken heart emoji.

Big Little Lies pays homage to their director and friends

She also shared an image of their reflection on the Big Little Lies set.

“When the sun goes down, I always remember you. I chase the light. In the mountains of Oregon. On the beaches of Monterey. Make sure we all have caught a little magic in this lifetime.

“I love you, Jan Mark. Until we meet again.” With a red heart emoji.

Actress Nicole Kidman posted some of those snapshots before writing the pen.

Matthew McConaughey also sent a moving compliment to Jean-Marc

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“I’m shattered. He’s at the center of my creative world and I can’t exaggerate his importance to me. Jean-Marc is the most rewarding professional in my career. He was responsible not only for some of his experience, but also for his friendship, kindness, and love was the exciting force I carry with me.

“I always cherish the night I shoot on the breaking waves of Big Sur … nothing better than that. I’m forever grateful for the time shared with this extraordinary human being. Forever Jean Mark. “

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey shared their black-and-white image and captioned: Winks and whispers, love stories were everywhere in his eyes. “

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Jean-Marc Vallée, director of Big Little Lies at the Dallas Buyers Club, dies at age 58

Source link Jean-Marc Vallée, director of Big Little Lies at the Dallas Buyers Club, dies at age 58

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