Jay Blaze engages with a ring made by a repair shop co-star

Presenter Jay Blaze has announced the happy news that she has been engaged to her girlfriend Lisa Marie Bosen.

RepairShop’s favorites to restore furniture at the popular BBC One show shared news with Instagram followers on Thursday, December 23rd.

Posting a close-up snapshot of his new fiancé, 51-year-old Jay spewed towards his bride and revealed the sweet news that his co-star helped make an engagement ring.

Lisa put her head in a dazzling hand and, in the process, showed off a delicate tattoo with the word “love.”

It comes as The repair shop Wilkirk also recently celebrated his wedding.

Repair shop star Jay Blaze announces engagement with girlfriend Lisa Marie Bozen

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Jay explained that he designed the jewelery himself and asked goldsmith Richard Talman to put his idea into practice.

“Hello, everything” Jay captioned the post. “Lunchtime treats.

“I am very happy to announce that I have been engaged to @lisamariezbozen.

“We are so happy and want to bring the same happiness to your path, so we wanted to share this news with you,” Star continued. “A ring I designed and made by @ rtfj.”

Jay announced his happy news on Instagram on Thursday, December 23rd.

The ring is white gold with a traditional circular diamond in the center and leaf and flower style diamonds on either side.

Richard also took a closer look at the gorgeous gems and shared them, allowing fans to see how it shimmers in the light through a video of it spinning.

“It was a real honor to be able to make this engagement ring for another member of my #repairshop family!” The jeweler shared.

“Congratulations on the engagement of Lisa @lisamariezbozen and Jay @jaybladesmbe!”

A repair shop co-star and a colleague made an engagement ring for him

Jay also shared a selfie of Lisa with him enjoying a beach day on this week’s vacation, which he believed suggested.

The couple looked peaceful when they absorbed the rays, and Jay also showed off a pair of funky see-through smoked glasses for artistic shots.

The Hackney-born star was the last in a relationship with his ex-partner Christed Goodman, whom he had been dating for over four years.

Prior to that, he was married to his ex-wife Jade, who shares his daughter Zora. The TV star left his family’s home in 2015 and temporarily lost his home.

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Jay Blaze engages with a ring made by a repair shop co-star

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