Japan’s “preparation for war” in the first major military exercise of 30 years as tensions with China intensify over disputed islands

China claims that it is “preparing for war” as Japan has conducted its first major military exercise for nearly 30 years.

Defense training had already heightened tensions between neighboring countries, as conflicts over a series of strategic islands could escalate into open conflicts.


This week, 100,000 units of the Ground Self-Defense Force launched a large-scale exercise (file image).Credit: Getty


Amid growing tensions over the unmanned Senkaku Islands

Beijing’s ships and planes made dozens of invasions this year near the uninhabited Senkaku Islands (known in China as Diaoyu).

Now, in a surprising move, Tokyo is planning a new base to boost its aggression and protect the island.

I bought a new F-35 jet, converted the ship into an aircraft carrier, and built new destroyers and submarines.

And this week, a national exercise involving an army of 100,000 from the entire Ground Self-Defense Force began with a huge show of force.

The training is also the first on this scale since 1993, including 20,000 vehicles, 120 aircraft, and a US military lander.

According to the Japanese media, the training directly corresponds to “China’s strengthened regional claims.”

Beijing has been reported to be closely watching the exercises, warning that any conflict will have “disastrous consequences” for Japan.

NS Global Times managed by the state “Military experts” said training could be a sign that Japan is “preparing for war.”

He also claimed that Japanese politicians were “lying” to the people, leading to “unjustified hostility and prejudice” against China.

Chinese experts boasted that Japan was incapable of fighting back and could not do anything without US remarks anyway.

In the middle Intensifying arms race between Asian superpowers, China and North Korea manufacture hypersonic missiles and high-tech submarines.

Kim Jong Un tested this week New cruise missile When Ballistic missiles launched by trains It is said that it can attack Japan.


Fumio Kishida, who became Japan’s next prime minister, recently said he needed to obtain preemptive military kits such as fighters and missiles and bring them to the ground before launching enemy weapons.

Tensions over the Senkaku Islands have been boiling for decades.

They are close to important shipping lanes and have valuable fish inventories and potentially oil and gas.

China has claimed them since the 14th century, and Japan dominated them from 1895 to the end of World War II.

After surrender, they were controlled by the United States until they were returned to Japan in 1972.

In 2012, tensions re-emerged and a large-scale protest took place in China.


Recently, the rise of Beijing’s military expansionism has created new clashes in the East China Sea.

Tokyo claims that China Coast Guard vessels have invaded Japan’s territorial waters 88 times between January 1st and the end of August.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi Told to CNN This week his country was willing to defend its territory and draw a red line around the islands.

“For China’s actions against the Senkaku Islands and other parts of the East China Sea … We must prove that the Government of Japan is firmly defending our territory with more Japanese Coast Guards than China. “He said.

“There is no territorial dispute between Japan and other countries regarding the Senkaku Islands.”

Japan is afraid that China will repeatedly illegally occupy the Philippine archipelago in the South China Sea. Built a new “Great Wall” fortress..


Asian superpowers are scrambling to boost their missile weapons

Beijing claims that there is no dispute over the owners of the Senkaku Islands.

“Diaoyu Island and its associated islands are an endemic part of China’s territory, and it is our inherent right to carry out patrols and law enforcement activities in these areas,” the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said last year.

China is also engaged in a language war with Australia Intimidate to launch nuclear weapons In response to an arrangement with the United Kingdom to build a submarine.

And Taiwan is very cautious about the threat of aggression, Conducting your own defense training this week I am ready.


Japanese soldiers conduct biological weapons exercises in Tokyo earlier this yearCredit: Getty


Japan is strengthening its sea, air and ground forces in response to threats from ChinaCredit: Getty


Beijing claims sovereignty over the strategic Senkaku Islands in the East China SeaCredits: Getty-Pool
Taiwan is training with fighters and commandos amid heightened tensions with China

Japan’s “preparation for war” in the first major military exercise of 30 years as tensions with China intensify over disputed islands

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