Jane McDonald shed tears in honor of her fiancé Ed Rote.

Jane McDonald couldn’t help but shed tears in honor of her fiancé Ed Roth. Loose woman.

58 years old Lost the other half in March of this year, He shared that he had been fighting lung cancer for several months.

Now, Jane, who returned to the ITV program for the first time in two years, revealed how grateful she was with Ed.

“When Loose legend Jane McDonald returned to Loose Women, Jane joined us for the first time to talk about losing her love for life,” said 58-year-old Kay Adams. First introduced her.

Jane McDonald pays homage to her late fiancé Ed Roth

Jane McDonald & Ed
Jane and Ed were together for 13 years before they died of lung cancer.

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“Hello, how are you?” Jane replied when the panelists expressed how wonderful it was to go back to the show and see her.

Jane had I dated Ed as a teenager before reuniting in adulthood. I saw her deceased fiancé Ed’s montage on the screen and immediately shed tears after hearing the kind words her friend said in the program.

“I’m glad to see you,” she began with tears, adding, “I’m sorry …”.

Jane said she was trying not to think about the last 6 months
Jane said she was trying not to think about the last 6 months

Later, Jane explained that she had 13 years of “absolute bliss” with Ed, “that’s how I got over it. It was horrible, so I’m thinking about the last six months. I don’t. “

“I’m thinking about how grateful I am for being so great …” she continued before shedding tears again.

She continued: “I’m not good at sadness, I’m not good at this. I’m not good at crying.

Jane she "I'm not good at sadness"
Jane said, “I’m not good at sadness.”

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“So when I wake up every day and hear the sound like someone hit me, I think,’Are you going on a dark road? Where did you go last year, or thank you? Are you grateful for everything you have in life and the time you spend with him? “

Jane explained how difficult it would be towards the end as she “had to have a short-term intensive course of nursing” because no one was allowed to take care of Ed during the pandemic. I continued.

She said. “Ryan, a nice district nurse, came and taught me all the ways. I was so afraid he would get a Covid-19 because of lung cancer. I took over everything. It was a privilege.

This is the first time Jane has appeared on the show since her fiancé Ed Rote died in April this year.
Jane said she had a “crash course” on nursing

“At first I thought,’How do you do this?’ But when you are caring for your loved one, you gain strength.

“It’s really a privilege. I’m glad I did it.”

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Jane McDonald shed tears in honor of her fiancé Ed Rote.

Source link Jane McDonald shed tears in honor of her fiancé Ed Rote.

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