Jana Kramer is baptized in an emotional video: “This is the day I stopped walking alone.”

Jana Kramer is celebrating a new debt recorded on Instagram with photos and videos after being baptized at a ceremony on Sunday.

The country singer was visibly emotional when he stepped into the minutes of Franklin’s Crosspoint Church. TennesseeIncludes a live band playing soothing gospel songs, making her way into the aquarium.

After a while, Kramer was submerged backwards with the help of a woman and soon rejoined her face with a big smile.

A New Beginning: 38-year-old Jana Kramer revealed that she had become public in faith and was baptized at a ceremony held at the Crosspoint Church in Franklin, Tennessee on Sunday.

“I don’t have the words yet … I … but for now …” There is healing in the name of Jesus. ” #faith #baptism,’She first wrote in the video caption.

But about four hours later, she returned to her Instagram page and shared some photos and clips of her experience.

At this point, she began to find words about what baptism meant to her at this point in her life at the age of 38.

“This is the cry of my fight,” shared in the caption, “I’m a singer who never gives up.” “This is the day I stopped walking alone. Beauty … I was never alone. He was always walking with me … I just didn’t think I deserved it. “

Baptized: The singer was visibly emotional when he stepped into the minutes, including a live band playing a soothing gospel song.

Emotional: The two mothers began to shed tears when sitting in the tub

Flowing tears: At some point, when tears began to flow, Kramer covered her face.

Almost silent: Initially, Kramer shared that she didn’t have a word yet … I … but for now … “There is healing in the name of Jesus.” # Faith # Baptism ‘

“I didn’t know how to trust it or not at all,” said Mike Kosin, a former husband of two mothers who had divorced for the third time last year.

“Looking up at my past” father’s figure “was unbelievable or uncomfortable. I didn’t expect him to stay. Don’t let him hurt me. So I pushed God away for years.

Kramer continued. [quiet] At the moment of being alone, I realized that I was not really alone. That he was there. That he never left. God was just waiting for me to come to him. And I … and today I publicized my faith, and no matter what happens next on this journey of life, it’s really real to know that he’s next to me walking with me It feels good.

Update: Helped a woman soak Kramer in water during the ceremony

Contry singer completely sank below the surface

Beaming: After being soaked in water, Kramer reappears on her face with a big smile.

Unconditional Love: Kramer got a hug from his family during the procedure

As you can see in one of the pictures, Kramer’s new boyfriend, Ian Sinelli, was among the people of her life who were at hand to witness her baptism over the weekend.

Michigan natives took her romance to Instagram officials with a series of photos she shared earlier this month, showing that they were all loved.

“Sometimes you need to stop fighting it and listen to your heart. I honestly don’t know what the future holds,” she said in a post. “Every day I continue to heal and I know there is still a lot to do, but it feels really good to find happiness along the way.”

Rejuvenation: Kramer poses with family and friends and confesses that he was “baptized today.”

Confession: I Wo’t Give Up Star shared how she “published my faith today”

Kramer goes on to say, “Do not consider your scar a challenge or problem, but rather find someone who stands there to help you hold the scar and encourage you with love, power, and empathy along the way.” I continued.

The second-chance star had been married to her third ex-husband, former NFL player Mike Caussin, for nearly six years before the divorce became official.

The former couple co-parents their daughter Jolly Ray (5 years old) and son Jace Joseph (3 years old).

Thanks: Country Crooner shared her thanks to her support system

Thanks: Kramer also gave a special thank you to Brandi Wilson.

Exciting: Michigan natives also shared some words of wisdom in her Instagram post.

Jana Kramer is baptized in an emotional video: “This is the day I stopped walking alone.”

Source link Jana Kramer is baptized in an emotional video: “This is the day I stopped walking alone.”

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