Jamie Redknapp’s wife Frida feels “beyond the blessing” because she shares a sweet snap of her newborn son.

Jamie Redknapp’s His wife, Frida Anderson, said that welcoming the couple’s first child to the world felt “beyond the blessing.”

Swedish model Frida, 38, shared her first photo on her Instagram page with her newborn son Rafael Unders Redup. Jamie has announced the arrival of Tot.

The photo shows Frida wearing a dark blue shirt and looking happy while her son, wearing a sleep suit of the same color, sleeps on his chest.

In the post, Frida shared more snapshots of the couple’s bunch of joy. One of them is a former professional soccer player, Jamie, 48, kissing his son’s forehead while sleeping.

Frida Anderson shared her first photo with her newborn son

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Jamie, the new three fathers, is wearing a dark blue hoodie, and her newborn son, Rafael, is dressed in the growth of a light blue and white striped baby, sleeping peacefully with his head facing one side.

The last black-and-white photo shared by Frida shows a couple, The person who tied the knot in October, I’m holding hands with a bunch of joy holding my mom’s fingers.

In the caption, five new mothers spewed over his son Rafael. After saying, “The Vikings have arrived,” Frida introduced the tot to 32,000 followers, followed by the red heart emoji.

Frida continued: “It felt beyond the blessing to welcome this precious little boy, Rafael Anders Redknapp, to our family.”

Proud dad Jamie can be seen kissing a little Rafael above his head while sleeping

Beloved parents Jamie and Frida clasp in Tot’s hand

After that, the mother thanked the medical staff for helping her while working with her son, and continued to pray, “Thank you very much to the wonderful doctors and nurses at Chelsea West Minister Hospital.” rice field.

After Jamie announced his son’s arrival on his Instagram page.

Jamie posted a photo of her shining while lying beside Tot while she was asleep and announced it to her fans in the caption.

“I can’t fully thank the wonderful doctors and nurses in Chelsea and Westminster.”

Jamie Redknapp announced the arrival of his baby son shortly before Frida shared the photo.

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Proud dad Jamie shares the excitement that his eldest son Charlie, 17, and 13-year-old Bo, met his new brother and closed the caption, “I’m very excited to see him my boy.” bottom.

Both Jamie and Frida have children from previous relationships. Former soccer star Jamie shares his sons with his ex-wife Louise. A person who was said to have been “knocked sideways” in the news of Frida’s pregnancy.

Frida shares four children, three boys and one girl with her ex-husband Jonathan Lurie.

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Jamie Redknapp's wife Frida feels "beyond the blessing" because she shares a sweet snap of her newborn son.

Source link Jamie Redknapp's wife Frida feels "beyond the blessing" because she shares a sweet snap of her newborn son.

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