Jamie Lynn Spears brand Britney’s “Embarrassment” and begs to end the phone feud

Jamie Lynn Spears Attacked her sister Britney And branded her “embarrassed” about writing long anger about their relationship on social media.

After Zoey 101 star, 30 Last week she appeared in Good Morning America and promoted her new book, “What I Should Have Say.”, She talked about her sister, Pairs come and go.

Jamie Lin now shares a statement on her Instagram with 2.2 million followers asking her stronger hitmaker brothers to call her so they can solve things personally. Did.

“Britney-Call me. I talked to you many times and tried to handle this personally like a sister, but you still choose to do everything on a public platform.” She wrote in her story.

Jamie Lynn Spears attacks Britney Spears in an online feud

Jamie Lynn called her sister “embarrassing”

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Jamie Lynn added: “In the meantime, stop continuing the story that I wasn’t there for you, or I’m making things up. I tried to help you and you.

“This is embarrassing and I have to stop. I love you. @ Britneyspears.”

Jamie’s message comes a few hours after Britney claimed that her sister wasn’t there for her during her time. 13 years of protection that ended in November last year, And did nothing until “a year ago”.

“Jamie Lynn … I don’t think your book is about me … I said some tough things because it obviously hurt me by what you’re making about me !!! ”Britney wrote to 55.8 million followers.

Britney accused Jamie Lynn of “acting awkwardly” during adult guardianship

The star continued to admit how hard Jamie Lin worked for her life, but shared how hard their family was to her compared to Jamie.

She states: !!!

“What Dad did to me, they don’t do it to criminals either … so it’s honestly insane to me that you sit and act completely away from what happened to me! !!

Britney said she couldn’t believe her dad wasn’t in jail

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“It took me years to give me a cup of coffee … people who killed people and were in jail or on death row can drink as much coffee as they want … so Why was my own family hiding coffee in hell? Myself ??? “

She blamed her family and continued:

“Come on !!! We should come back to each other … but what you are saying really confuses me !!!”

Britney said she doesn’t have Jamie Lynn’s loyalty

Britney then accused her of being unfaithful as she wrote, after sharing how much she loved Jamie Lynn. Fight publicly like this !!

“You say you love me … but your loyalty is still with those who hurt me the most !!!”

The singer added, “You guys never did anything until a year ago !!!”.

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Jamie Lynn Spears brand Britney's "Embarrassment" and begs to end the phone feud

Source link Jamie Lynn Spears brand Britney's "Embarrassment" and begs to end the phone feud

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