Jamie Lang shares details of Sophie Habu’s wedding, including sunny places

Jamie Lang He shared some details of his upcoming wedding with Sophie Habu, including a sunny place where the couple plans to tie a knot.

Made in ChelseaJamie (33 years old) and his fellow co-star Sophie (28 years old) We were happy to announce the news of their involvement on social media In mid-December last year.

Now Jamie has given insights into the couple’s wedding plans, including the wedding plans for their destination.

Open a new episode of his podcast Private partsJamie talked about a couple’s marriage plans with fellow Alex Maiton, who will be the wedding usher.

“It’s still going on until 2023, and we’re planning to have a wedding in 2023,” Jamie said of the plan.

Jamie Lang told fellow Alex Myton about his wedding plans in a podcast

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He then shared a list of suggestions from listeners about where couples should take their vows, such as Croatia, Australia, Barbados, Mykonos, and South Africa, where “everything started”.

“We considered it,” Jamie said. “I wanted a New Year party in Cape Town.”

He finally revealed where the couple chose for the wedding.

“We will announce what we have chosen,” he finally said. “We are doing it in Seville. We are doing it in Seville in 2023. We are currently choosing our wedding planner. It’s a nightmare.”

He even revealed that he was thinking of creating another section of the podcast called “Nearly Weds” to discuss wedding planning.

Jamie shared with him a wedding plan for Sophie's sunny place
Jamie shared with him a wedding plan for Sophie’s sunny place

Jamie had previously dropped a hint about a couple’s wedding. Stars have previously revealed that couples are considering an intimate wedding without the best guys.

Talk to him about the former Made in Chelsea Co-starring Spencer Matthews‘Six times from the podcast Jamie and Spencer, he asked: “Can you give me the honor of being one of my very small and intimate groomsmen?”

Spencer replied, “Of course, I’m a companion! Of course. I was thinking about what my role would be to be fair.”

Jamie then reiterated that the wedding would be a small event, “Yes, you have a big role to play.

The excited star was surrounded by roses with another snap
The excited star was surrounded by roses with another snap from the engagement

“I don’t have the best man. I have a groom’s attendant and you’re there, baby. You’re doing a lot.”

He did not reveal who the other groom’s attendants were, “I’m not going to say, I can’t say, because I haven’t talked to them yet, but it’s very intimate and small.” I concluded.

Earlier, Jamie shared the exciting news of her engagement with Sophie on Instagram in a lovely video.

Jamie counts down from 5 to 1 and reveals his wife, Sophie, wearing a white hat that says “Mrs Laing-to-be.”

Jamie and Sophie started dating in 2019
Jamie and Sophie started dating in 2019

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Jamie wrote the caption, “I couldn’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my life with @habboosophie,” and wrote the ring emoji and the love heart emoji.

Sophie also used Instagram to share exciting news, sitting on Jamie’s lap and posting a snap.

“We are married !!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you @jamielaing” The beauty of blonde hair is written with a pen, This is followed by a heart emoji.

The relationship between Jamie and Sophie began in 2019 and was recorded on the E4’s Made On Chelsea.

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Jamie Lang shares details of Sophie Habu's wedding, including sunny places

Source link Jamie Lang shares details of Sophie Habu's wedding, including sunny places

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