James Rock and Megan Burton-Hanson’s Kiss on a Romantic Christmas Trip to New York

former Love island Star Megan Burton Hanson I shared her romantic trip to New York with her TOWIE boyfriend James Rock..

Reality Star shared a nice video of a pair having a great time in New York on her Instagram.

A 25-year-old blonde beauty shared a clip of a couple exploring a big apple in Times Square. She wore a black jacket with long tufts of hair hanging loosely and naturally.

Megan showed a wonderful view before pointing his camera at himself and telling 1.6 million followers, “Oh, we’re so cute and we’re a baby in New York!”

In the video, Megan then snuggled up to Essex’s starboyfriend James, 34, her only way.

Rocky and Megan fly to New York City

Another clip posted by Rocky showed a couple hugging while standing in a tourist hotspot before sharing a kiss. Megan laughed as James picked up the camera and started spinning.

In the final Instagram story upload from Megan, you can see James enjoying a beer at the bar. The pair is happy, relaxed and happy to have fun away.

From behind the camera, my beloved Megan says, “Princess, are you having fun?”

James responds by picking up a drink and taking a sip, as Megan, the beauty of blondes, laughs.

Megan Barton-Hanson and James Lock kiss while standing in Times Square
The festive journey of Megan and James takes place just before the first Christmas as a couple.
Megan shoots Rocky enjoying a drink while the pair is sitting at the bar

The new couple went out to several public places after gathering and became open about their flowering romance.

Recently, Megan spewed out how her beauty, James, “landed on the ground.”

Megan revealed that he had only thought of Rocky as a “bad boy” for TOWIE in the past, telling MailOnline:

“He’s so plain. He’s easy to talk to. He’s so smart that you never actually see it on TV, but yeah, we’re having a great time.”

Megan made a name for himself in the Love Island 2018 series and has enjoyed the romance of many celebrities ever since.

Megan Barton-Hanson recently opened about her up-and-coming romance with James

Megan and James have spent a lot of time together

Megan was dating Wes Nelson When she first gained fame after the pair gathered at a villa on Love Island.

But they split in 2019. She briefly dated another TOWIE case member. Demi Sims.. She also dated songwriter Chelcee Grimes.

Meanwhile, James is also romantically involved with his cast members, dating fellow co-stars Daniel Armstrong and Yasmine Aukerou.

James Rock and Megan Burton-Hanson's Kiss on a Romantic Christmas Trip to New York

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