James Argent shows off 11 stone weight loss during the day for his family

James’Argent’Argent He showed off his impressive 11 stone weight loss weight enjoying a day in London with his family.

In Snap, 34-year-old James posed in front of the Christmas tree with his sister Natalie, and with two other women believed to be mothers, Patricia and Grandma.

He added a sweet snap caption. “Me and my family” is followed by a heart emoji.

James wore a button-up coat, jeans and a trainer and had a cool face.

The picture of James is TOWIE Star He shared his own candid video before his weight loss.

In a clip shared on Christmas Eve, I heard James telling the person behind the camera that his goal was to change weight by Christmas.

TOWIE’s James Argent cut a slim figure while on the go with his family

James started as follows: “Yes, by Christmas, but perhaps by the end of summer, this will be shredded, this will be gone.”

The reality show star continued to point to the torso and various parts of the body that needed work, and continued:

“My arm will be pumped up.”

Next to the video, James shared a photo of himself looking undeniably slim while wearing a Snowman T-shirt and a blue cardigan and shining a beam at the camera.

James declared “healthy and strong” by the end of the year

James has lost a whopping 11 stones since he began his weight loss journey

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A fellow James celebrity immediately congratulated him on his weight loss at the age of 34.

Megan McKenna Wrote: “Oh, that’s right. To be honest, you shattered it from the bag Arg. I’m very proud of you. You got this.”

Ferne McCann I repeated the same feelings I wrote after a series of “blown-out” emojis. I am very proud of you. “

in the meantime, Allen Carr I replied with the character string of the emoji of the hand applauding. Allison Hammond I told James, “I broke it.”

James turned 34 on December 5th

James Celebrated his 34th birthday earlier this month, He took the time to thank all the support of the people.

He writes with a picture of him sitting in front of the “Dream House”:

“Thank you for your love and support. I constantly stop on the street with people who say” Keep Arg “and” You have this “. I’ve experienced a lot, but I’m very fortunate to have a lot of people behind me and believe me. I have a lot of pride.

“My weight loss, my beloved @theargband, and a house I’ve always dreamed of buying but never thought I could get. Hopefully my life in 2022. You will meet your love, but the most important thing is to stay happy and healthy! “

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James Argent shows off 11 stone weight loss during the day for his family

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