James Argent plans to “put a bulky half stone” after weight loss

James Argent He revealed that he plans to regain his weight after dropping 13 stones in 9 months.

34 years old Surgery for gastric sleeve in April 2021 After a doctor told me that if I caught Covid-19 on 27stone, it would be difficult to recover.

A few months later Treatment still in progress, He began to regain control of eating disorders by following the rules of 20-20-20. That is, eat 20p coin-sized food, chew for 20 seconds, wait another 20 seconds, and then chew again.

“Sometimes I was as hungry as I used to be,” he explained. mirror.. “When that happens, you eat too fast. It’s gritty, sick, and very uncomfortable.”

James Argent reveals plans to gain weight and “bulk”

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He continued: “I learned a difficult way. I had a sick moment, but now I’m used to it.”

Nutrition is just one aspect of the equation, as James works hard at the gym and with the help of his best friend Mark Wright, who he said is a “great” personal trainer.

He states: “We trained together on weights. He is always on the phone.

Mark and James have been friends for years
James works hard at the gym with Mark Wright

“Whether it’s a weight issue, a girl issue, or any other issue, Mark is always the one I rely on.”

Doctors thought it would take 18 months for him to reach his 15st 7lb goal, but it’s clear that the former TOWIE star has exceeded expectations.

The surgeon who performed his surgery last year has since expressed concern about how quickly he loses weight, and James now wants to be a little “bulky.”

James thanked the people who helped him "Weight loss journey"
Doctors shared concerns about James losing weight very quickly

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“I lost a little more than I wanted, so I want to be more tuned, a little bulky, and perhaps even put half a stone,” he said.

He regained control of his food addiction, but added that he felt he needed to be careful not to spend too much on his clothes as nothing in his wardrobe fit him.

The TV personality says: “The only thing I really have to see is that I have to clean up my entire wardrobe so I don’t get addicted to shopping.

James has lost a whopping 11 stones since he began his weight loss journey
James said he had to buy new clothes

“I never imagined my life would be like this. I feel confident, much more energetic, happy and healthy.”

“I’m making a noise in my life,” he added.

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James Argent plans to "put a bulky half stone" after weight loss

Source link James Argent plans to "put a bulky half stone" after weight loss

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