James Argent is secretly dating a woman after Gemma Collins, but “not ready” for serious romance

James “Arg” Argent talks about his love life after parting with Gemma Collins and his recent weight loss of 14 stones.

The 34-year-old who broke up with Gemma in 2020 after a series of “nasty messages” shared online, explained that he went on a date with a woman from his gym, but did not plan to go on a second soon, as they have mutual friends and was a little “too close to home”.

Speaking of MailOnlinehe insisted he was single at the moment, saying: “I’m single at the moment and although there have been some stories lately that there was a mysterious girl … I had a date on Valentine’s Day and I met her at the gym.”

Mandatory credit: Photo from REX / Shutterstock (12874984bw) Premiere of James Argent’s “Fantastic Beasts Secrets of Dumbledore”, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK – March 29, 2022

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He went on to say that he could not book a restaurant for the day, so he took her to TGI Fridays, where they enjoyed chicken fajitas and a cocktail.

Arg then said that while talking to several people and being in a meeting, he is currently turning his back on romance as he focuses on sobriety and weight loss after throwing 14 stones.

“It could be disastrous for me,” he said. “I may have a strange date, a kiss or a hug, but in terms of a serious relationship, I think it could be a little lower.

James went on with Gemma Collins
James went on a date after parting ways with Gemma Collins

Speaking about his recovery, he continued: “I think I had to learn a very difficult and difficult lesson, sometimes when you are pure sober for a long time, you get this stinky thinking when you think you are not doing it. I don’t need to go to meetings anymore.

“You can also start to forget how bad things have been in the past and even say to yourself, ‘Oh, this time may be different, I can have a few drinks, I can handle this time, I can control it this time.’ but when we’re addicted, you can’t. “

He added that if “you do not continue to work for your recovery, you will eventually relapse” and said that he would do so for the rest of his life to be “happy and healthy”.

James Argent revealed that his mother Patricia was the catalyst that made him want to get rid of his addiction and get help last year
James said he “learned the hard way” that he needed to keep working on his sobriety

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James there was a “bad relapse” earlier this year after he became “too cheeky” about his recovery.

Speaking to the ITV Loose Women lunchtime panel, he explained: “It may be a lot, but I feel like I’m starting to feel smug.

“If anything else, what really bothered me was that I was too confident and a little too cheeky. If you had asked me a few months ago, I would have told my house that I would never drink again, but that was the fall.

James Agent shared his excitement about wearing such clothes "I felt like me"
James spoke of his “bad relapse” earlier this year

James continued, “I thought I was better and I became a little overconfident and confident.”

“You have to remember that you don’t just seek help and go somewhere for a month, to rehabilitation or something like that, and then you’re cured for life.

“It’s something you have to work on for the rest of your life, and I had to learn the hard way.”

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James Argent is secretly dating a woman after Gemma Collins, but "not ready" for serious romance

Source link James Argent is secretly dating a woman after Gemma Collins, but "not ready" for serious romance

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