James Argent has a cheeky sign begging ex-Jema Collins to stop his engagement

James Argent Cheeky begging for his ex Jema Collins To cancel the engagement with Lami Hawash while going out at night with a friend.

The only way is Essex Star James, 34, also known as Arug, was painted with a sign at the’GC. [Gemma Collins] I’m canceling my engagement !! “He spent the night with his fellow William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace in London.

Jade Goody’s husband, Jack Tweed, 34, is laughing while pointing at a sign while another friend is standing in a chair next to a table full of pint glasses and beer pitchers. Was seen.

Argu, who recently showed a weight loss of 11 stones while out of the family, looked smart with a sweatshirt with brunette rock swept to his signature style.

James Argent cheekyly begs former Jema Collins to stop his engagement with Lami Hawash

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Seven years after Jema recently confirmed that she and Lami were engaged again, and said the pair quit it.

The TOWIE Star and Lami own a car machine repair company in Essex’s Ronford, dated three years, and asked a question in 2013.

James put up a cheeky sign

The couple canceled their engagement a few months later, but Lami later married someone else, Jema dated her TOWIE co-star James..

Following the collapse of Lami’s marriage and the division of Jema from James, The pair rekindled their romance earlier this year, And now I am engaged again.

Jema recently confirmed her engagement with Lami

Jema Times When asked if she was engaged: “Yes, but Lamb was previously married and his papers haven’t arrived, so we can’t say anything yet. It’s officially signed. Until we said nothing. “

“They haven’t been together for two years. I know her, she has a partner, she’s as good as gold. She has kids, he’s only three, obviously I love him to death, “she continued.

“But I can’t leave until the document is signed.”

Jemaz has been very vocal about her love for Lami, and said over the celebration period. She is 46 years old and is looking forward to “forever”.

She also expressed her desire to tie a knot with Lami, revealing what she wanted to do. Three weddings to celebrate their wedding.

James Argent has a cheeky sign begging ex-Jema Collins to stop his engagement

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