James Argent celebrates reaching his target weight after losing 13 stones in 9 months

James Argent celebrated reaching his target weight.

34-year-old ex TOWIE In nine months, the star lost an astonishing 13 stones, accompanied by a conversion process that “focuses him away from the devil.”

Arg went to Instagram on Thursday to share his photo in his swimsuit. It shows how it fell from 27 stones to 14 stones after gastric sleeve surgery at Transform Hospital Group.

can not believe it!James Argent celebrated reaching the target weight brought to Instagram on Thursday and shared a photo showing how he fell from 27 stones to 14 stones.

The proud reality star was delighted to have his own “Adele Moment” after a superstar singer famous for losing over £ 100.

Arg writes, along with a stunning conversion snap: ‘9 months ago, I dreamed of having that @adele moment.

“I’m 27 stones, I’m depressed, and after my doctor tells me I’m in death row, I decided to use @wearetransform to perform gastric sleeve surgery. This reduced the size of the stomach and limited the amount of food it eats.

“Since then, I’ve lost a total of 13 stones and now weigh 14 stones, exceeding all expectations. I’ve never felt happier and healthier than ever.

What an achievement!The proud reality star celebrated having his own

What an achievement!The proud reality star celebrated having his own “Adel Moment” with a long caption shared with an astonishing makeover snap.

“To be honest, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve started to take my diet and exercise seriously.”

Next, Arg details that his stomach sleeve was just the beginning of his journey and thanks those who were looking to the future and envisioning his weight loss.

He writes: ‘Since my surgery, I’ve been following the advice of the Transform Hospital Group team and sticking to a small healthy diet.

“I’ve also been training in the gym to get stronger. That swim across the English Channel is still on the card.

“I would like to thank everyone who helped me on my weight loss journey. Looking in the mirror, I’m finally happy that the man turned around.

“I’m happy to start 2022 as my best version. The future looks bright and I can’t wait to live it.”

Meanwhile, one source told MailOnline exclusively:’Arg has reached his optimal weight and does not want to lose any more.he I feel happier, healthier and more positive than he has in life.

“The whole process allowed him to stay away from the devil and focus on a straight, narrow space.”

Reality stars, supported by boxers such as Tyson Fury, are also inspired by the support they receive from celebrities.

Our insider said:’James was stunned by the support he received. Tyson Fury sent him a message, and all of his old TOWIE buddies were willing to call him.

MailOnline also understands that Arg plans to share his weight loss tips to help others.

Our source added: He is keen to share some advice on how he did it and help others who want to take the same steps in their lives.

Journey: A former TOWIE star, well known as Arg, underwent life-saving gastric sleeve surgery 9 months ago (pictured before his weight loss).

“Progression!”: James’ rigorous training regime was revealed in an amazing video showing his epic journey (left photo, after weight loss, right before weight loss).

James said earlier Sun He was on the verge of death, but he wasn’t listening to the doctor when they warned him.

The “big awakening call” occurred when her mother, Patricia, cried when she saw her “unrecognizable” son who had swollen after replacing cocaine addiction with unhealthy food.

After he ate a high-calorie meal, Argu remained exhausted, so he stayed home on a regular basis. But one afternoon she found him in bed and began to cry.

He admits that:

In surgery, 70 pounds of surgery removed 70% of the stomach. That is, he must not drink liquids 30 minutes before or after a meal, and his favorite sodas are banned.

He said: “If I drink water just before a meal, it’s on my stomach, and if I eat too early, it can make me sick.”

Real-life stars are now vowing a rigorous diet of chicken salad, fish and vegetables, supplementing with multivitamins and limiting their water intake to green tea and water.

In addition to this, he certainly takes advantage of his gym membership and attends boxing, swimming and weight training sessions five times a week.

Changed: The

Changed: The “Big Awakening Call” happened when mother Patricia cried when she saw her “unrecognizable” son swelling after replacing cocaine addiction with unhealthy food (May 2019 photo). )

James Argent celebrates reaching his target weight after losing 13 stones in 9 months

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