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Jair Bolsonaro’s team appears to accept defeat after Brazil’s election defeat

Brazil’s outgoing leader Jair Bolsonaro appeared to accept his defeat. Luis Inacio Lula da Silvawhich he didn’t explicitly acknowledge, broke his silence two days after the men faced off in a hotly contested presidential election.

After spending much of Monday and Tuesday away from public life and social media, the far-right populist president said at a press conference, “The millions of Brazilians who advocate for economic freedom, religious freedom and liberty. I am honored to be the leader,” he said. The representation of our flag and the colors green and yellow. . . As President and Citizen of the Republic, I will continue to fulfill all the precepts of the Constitution. ”

However, although he personally did not admit it, he turned to his chief of staff, Ciro Nogueira, to make sure he would begin the transition period to the Lula government.

In a further deviation from tradition, the former Army captain didn’t call to congratulate left-wing Lula, who won the election on Sunday with 50.9% of the vote and will take office on January 1.

Comment from Bolsonaro Civil society and investors were at a loss as to what the fickle incumbent would do next.

His speech paved the way for the shift of power from right to left in Latin America’s largest nation. In contrast to Bolsonaro’s silence since the election, Lula has already seized the role as president-elect, making calls to world leaders and meeting with politicians across the spectrum.

a radical supporter of an outgoing president following the election results blocked highway All over the country in protest against Lula’s victory.

Capital Brasilia remained calm, but five state governors, including the three most populous states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, have ordered military police to reopen highways blocked by pro-Bolsonaro activists. rice field.

Protesters say the election results are rigged without providing any evidence. For months before the poll, Bolsonaro called into question the integrity of the election, claiming that Brazil’s electronic voting system was prone to fraud.

Bolsonaro said on Tuesday that “the current mass movement is the result of resentment and unjustified feelings in the electoral process,” adding that the country’s top electoral body was biased against his campaign. alluded to the claim of

“Bolsonaro is well positioned to become the leader of the opposition and perhaps even attempt a comeback within four years. Eduardo Melo, professor of political science, said:

Lula’s victory followed a campaign marred by chaos, fake news, and violence.

A former president who served two terms from 2003 to 2010, he rules a sharply divided country. Millions of Brazilians are angry over the corruption scandals that have undermined successive governments of his Workers’ Party (PT). Lula himself spent nearly two years in prison on bribery charges until his conviction was rescinded.

Much of the focus will be on who Lula chooses as her minister. Investors believe he demonstrates his commitment to fiscal fairness and economic legitimacy by appointing pro-free market finance ministers like Henrique Meirelles, former governor of the country’s central bank. I am hoping for

PT supporters such as Fernando Haddad, who lost to pro-Bolsonaro Tarcisio de Freitas in the São Paulo gubernatorial election on Sunday, and former health minister Alexandre Padilla, are also vying for the role.

“In his victory speech, Lula said all the right things in his approach of ‘we want to govern for everyone.’ It will,” said Marcos Katherin, chief Latin America economist at Oxford Economics.

The next president is expected to expand the total number of ministries from 23 to 34, giving more room to reward a wide range of coalition partners with government work.

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