Jade Thirlwall’Debut solo single with Jax Jones after Little Mix splits’

Jade Thirlwall Hope to start the next successful solo career Mix a littleSplit.

The 29-year-old singer was in the studio with DJ Jax Jones on the news that Little Mix would be dormant after finishing his UK and Ireland Confetti tour next year.

Jade is said to have already joined the top management team and is considering various contracts with record labels as he plans to move on to the next move after 10 years of activity in the girl group. Is believed to be.

Jax Jones (real name Tim Singh Ram) teases her collaboration with the star and calls her “super talent.”

“The success of Little Mix is ​​made up of all of their individual talents, so I’m sure they all will find a way to express themselves musically,” DJ said. Sun..

Jade Thirlwall is said to be aiming for a solo career after Little Mix pauses.

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“I was in the studio with Jade. She’s very cool and talented. She’s also very fun to be around.

“We wrote something really cool, and hopefully it will come out.”

One source confirms Jax’s claim and tells the publication:

“Jade had already met and talked to Sony, but was really impressed by the Atlantic Ocean. All the signs show that she’s going with them. She had a top secret meeting with them. And it’s all really positive. “

last month, Reported Jade was rumored to have been discussing with Atlantic Records Released a new song, a label representing artists such as Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, and Rizzo.

DJ Jax Jones made fun of the collaboration with Jade Thirlwall
DJ Jax Jones made fun of the collaboration with Jade Thirlwall

Rumors of Little Mix’s hiatus- The band announced on December 2nd -It was around after Jesy Nelson left the band last year and Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock became mothers this summer.

Earlier this year, Jade talked about how “really beautiful” it is to see the band start digging into their own projects.

Talk to Gay Times , She said. “I think Little Mix is ​​always there no matter what happens. In the last few years, I think we’ve begun to delve into doing our little things. It’s really beautiful to see. ”

Jade continued. “In the first few years I think we were all scared to think about doing something for ourselves. One is that we are used to each other, so the two are whatever the press is. The moment a person says, “Oh, what’s going on?”

Little Mix played at the Graham Norton Show before talking on their break
Little Mix announced earlier this month that it will be dormant

As a result, the brunette admitted that the three were “afraid of doing something individually.”

But when they started pursuing things on their own, and when they started pursuing Little Mix’s commitment, because they wanted to show the public “a little more personally about themselves,” it was “really. It was lovely. “

Jade said the three had “really been able to strike the right balance” over the past year and hoped to “win” each other.

Jade said, “There was no doubt that we would continue with three people. Obviously, we’ve been spending years, so we’re very happy to have.

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Jade Thirlwall'Debut solo single with Jax Jones after Little Mix splits'

Source link Jade Thirlwall'Debut solo single with Jax Jones after Little Mix splits'

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