Jade Thirlwall unveils a new leg tattoo tribute to Little Mix on the band’s 10th anniversary

Little Mix star Thirlwall has unveiled a new tattoo tribute to the group to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

28-year-old Jade was inking the calf in honor of the band formed by The X Factor.


Jade Surwall unveiled her new Little Mix tribute tattoo on Instagram to commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary.


Performance after Perrie Edwards, Jade Sirwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock announce their departure from the bandCredit: PA

“To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Little Mix,” she wrote an etching photo on Instagram and thanked tattoo artist Just Tattoo Of Us star Danny Robinson.

That’s because Jade’s brother was accused of snubbing her ex-bandmate Jesy Nelson following a line of black fishing.

The singer’s brother Karl visited Madame Tussauds with his wife and two children and posed for the band’s waxwork, but the 30-year-old Jezie’s model disappeared.

Some Little Mix fans said it was “symbolic” for Karl to snub her, and Jezie chose to leave the band, so you should expect to be censored from the photos now. Said.

But others were keen to point out that Jezie deserves to be admitted to being part of Little Mix’s success.

One fan said: “Jeggie is part of Little Mix and is one of the reasons why Little Mix is ​​so successful.

“This is an image of all four and should not be treated as if Jezie did not exist.

“This is not like I hate him. I think this is wrong.”

“It implies that it’s not important or embarrassing for her to take a picture,” another said.

The photo comes a month after the 3-piece Little Mix released a song called Cut You Off. This is speculated by fans about Jezie.

One fan wrote:

“By doing that with photos that are the explicit shades of Cut You Off, they make themselves look pretty bitch and passively aggressive, but this isn’t cute.”

The band’s broken relationship became a hot topic when she was accused of “black phishing” in Jezie’s first solo music video-fans leaking the critical message they claimed criticized Jezie. Sent by Ryan.

Jezy then joined the barbaric live stream with Nicki Minaj to address the allegations. There she laughed as an American rapper who named Ryan a “jealous clown.”

No Little Mix girl publicly acknowledges live streams or leaked messages.


Jade’s brother recently publicly snubbed Jesy NelsonCredit: Instagram


Jezie left the band earlier this year because of mental healthCredit: Instagram
Little Mix was comforted by A-listers and forced to start over after weeping at the Graham Norton Show.

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Jade Thirlwall unveils a new leg tattoo tribute to Little Mix on the band’s 10th anniversary

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