Jade Jones admits that the absence of her family affected her as Team GB’s history bid ended.

Jade Jones Admitted that “Team Crazy” was absent and could not adapt to the empty stands in Makuhari Hall Tokyo It gave her a historic opportunity as the first British woman to win a gold medal at the third consecutive Olympic Games.

The 28-year-old was upset by the refugee team Kimiya Arizade at the age of 16-12 and was subsequently denied a second chance to reach the podium after being excluded from the repechage in Arizade’s semifinals.

Jones emphasized nearly a decade of long domination of the women’s -57 kg division when adding elusive world titles to the two Olympic crowns in Manchester in 2019, family and friends due to pandemic restrictions. He said he was influenced by the lack of.

Jones sought to be the first woman to win a gold medal in three consecutive games with Team GB (Mike Egerton / PA).

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“I just felt that I was putting too much pressure on myself, and I felt more than I expected,” Jones said.

“It really affected me that my family wasn’t there to drive me out of that horror zone, and I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything more that day.

“Usually when you feel pressure, you’ll go out and hear them screaming and see their little faces, and that will push me into that attack mode, and it’s missing today I just stayed in scary mode. “

Kimiya Arizade claimed to be famous for defeating Britain’s top seed (Mike Egerton / Pennsylvania)

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Jones drew bronze medalist Arizade in Iran’s Rio in the opening round, but with two head kicks, he established a two-point lead at the end of the first round, so there seems to be little danger.

But Jones’s usual snap is lacking, and the much taller Arizade, who left home to search for a sanctuary in Germany as a result of the Rio game, looks back at the match before defending her narrow advantage in the final stages. rice field.

Arizade failed to qualify, but was given grace due to the special dispensing given to the refugee team, leaving an odd number in the draw, and Jones found out who she would face in the first match. I had to wait.

Jade Jones was disappointed after losing to Kimiya Alizade (Mike Egerton / PA)

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Jones’ defeat shook expectations for the first medal in the Team GB game, but failed to break the party mood in his hometown. Flint Those friends and family were gathering in her aunt’s yard to see her progress on a specially built big screen.

“I have the best family in the world,” Jones added. “I call them” team crazy. ” When I lost, I gave them Facetime and they were all celebrating as if I had won. They were all very proud of me.

“So I’m really lucky to be able to get back to it, win or lose. I have them all, and it really helps.”

Jade Jones teammates Bianca Walkden (left) and Lauren Williams cheered her in vain (Mike Egerton, PA)

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Jones resists the temptation to make an immediate decision about her future in sports and instead pays attention to supporting her best friend and flatmates. Bianca Walkden Those who bid on the elusive Olympic title on Tuesday.

Walkden was weeping on the stand when Jones crashed, and Jones said she would try to help Rebaptrian agree to the unusual environment she lacked.

Jones added: “Bianca is great, seeing her crying in the crowd, I think she’s as hurt as I am, so I try to tell her not to make a mistake. gold medal.”

Jade Jones admits that the absence of her family affected her as Team GB’s history bid ended.

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