Jack Whitehall’s girlfriend Roxy Horner shows off in Jim’s gear.

Roxy Horner showed her athletic body in the latest Instagram snap.

The 30-year-old model took a photo with a mustard yellow two-piece, highlighting the abdominal muscles to 191,000 followers.

Comedian Jack Whitehall’s fitness model and girlfriend was impressed with her new gym gear when she posted the photo.

Blond beauty Roxy captioned her photo as follows:

Model followers filled in the comments with praise for the stars. One user wrote, “It’s a wonderful perfect pose and it’s very beautiful,” and another impressed fan commented, “I’m feeling mellow yellow now.”

A 30-year-old model from Essex who posed for a photo in her new mustard gym gear

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Fellow influencers Janice Jostema, Sophie Pauly, and twins Lucy and Lydia all leave a fire emoji and love the eyes of the heart to show their awe.

Roxy also has diabetes And today I used her Instagram story to openly discuss her experience.

During a question-and-answer session, one believer asked, “Do you feel that you can’t do what you used to like because of diabetes?”

Model Roxy Hunter and comedian Jack Whitehall have been dating since 2020
Model and comedian Jack Whitehall have been dating since 2020

A fitness influencer replied, “At first, I personally had a really hard time getting back to my normal routine. There are still days to wipe me out, but most are fine.”

She added, “It’s been eight months since I was diagnosed. It’s generally helpful to exercise and be more active.”

Roxy and comedian Jack whitehall I met Jack when he was in Australia and it became an item just before the lockdown in March 2020.

Roxy Hunter sports mustard-colored two-piece
Roxy also used her profile to raise awareness of her diabetic condition.

After that, they decided to move together at the beginning of the first blockade and have been together ever since.

Recently, Roxy praised Jack’s support I arrived at the hospital during my recent health fears.

Posting her snap with Jack, she writes:

The model also discussed her diabetic condition with her followers.
The model discussed her diabetes experience with her followers

“Without you, I wouldn’t know what I would have done in the last year.”

Roxy recently opened up about her diagnosis and told Marie Claire:

“I remember the specific phone call I made to the doctor before going to the hospital. I was in bed for days, crying terribly, I didn’t know why, and I felt like I was dying. In the end, I was diagnosed. A & E where it was. “

Jack and Roxy met for the first time in 2020
Roxy first appeared in 17-year-old Vogue and has been a professional model ever since.

She added: It helps others to know that they are not alone. ”

When asked about the most difficult part of her diagnosis, Roxy revealed:

“I have a day when it knocks me out and I feel really sick, but that’s only part of it. That’s not always the case, and I’ve had many good days since the diagnosis.”

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Jack Whitehall's girlfriend Roxy Horner shows off in Jim's gear.

Source link Jack Whitehall's girlfriend Roxy Horner shows off in Jim's gear.

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