Jack Grealish’s “Big Challenge” Starts England Scoring-Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate wants Manchester city Playmaker Jack Grealish Destroy his international ducks and join other England attackers to bring the goal aside.

The 26-year-old became a fan favorite in the Euro 2020 finals of the Three Lions and was paid by the city. Aston Villa His service shortly after the tournament had a UK record of £ 100m.

Grealish aims to build on early promises when Pep Guardiola’s side challenges Liverpool in Sunday’s blockbuster Premier League Collide before attention turns to help England We will reach the World Cup next year.

Jack Grealish celebrates his goal in Manchester City’s Champions League (Zack Goodwin / PA).

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Qualifying against Andorra and Hungary awaits, and Southgate hopes that 15-cap International will finally score his country’s first goal this month.

Regarding Grealish, who made his senior debut in September 2020, the three-lions boss said, “He asked him something specific about the press when he first joined us. I think I recognized with us. “

“I think the big challenge for us is that he has 15 games without goals, so the big challenge is to start registering the numbers that a wide range of other players have produced over a period of time. There is no reason he can’t do that.

“He’s definitely in a better place physically. He can now play mid-week games.

“When we met him at the end of the season, he was only able to train for two days every three days, which was a completely different situation from the European Championship. That’s for sure.”

Southgate has seen a change in Grealish’s location perception under Guardiola, with more roaming licenses in the villa.

The 26-year-old is one of five City players from a team of 23 in England in this month’s World Cup qualifiers, and Southgate says club-level matches will limit player match times. I’m not worried.

When Southgate was asked about the arrival of Grealish, who would affect the match time in Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden’s city, he said, “It’s for us because none of them are whipped. I think it’s a good thing. “

If they don’t play as much football as they like, they probably have a greater desire to play with us and score goals with us.

Gareth Southgate, a delegation from Manchester City, England

“They are all going to play in a team that plays great offensive football.

“They may not play as much as they want individually, but they will all have that sharpness because they think they will play enough.

“If they don’t play as much football as they like, they probably have a greater desire to play with us and score goals with us.

“Phil has just returned from an injury, so a little bit of it hasn’t been deployed yet.

“A great decision with Pep’s team. We have some difficult calls.”

This month marks the seventh international gathering as the coronavirus has changed the situation and is in the midst of new reports on football immunization rates.

Sun claimed on Saturday that at least five members of England have refused to be vaccinated, and Qatar World Cup organizers said they plan to ban unvaccinated athletes. Has been

Asked before the publication of the article on England’s vaccination coverage, Southgate said:

“In the next few months, one group may pass through one door and another group may pass through another door, so we have an idea. How to keep it. I’m not sure. Medical confidentiality.

“Whenever a player is with us, we are always in a bubble and are exempt from sports, so we don’t think it will affect us so much with us, so it’s bigger. The problem is players returning to a club or a club traveling to a particular country.

Gareth Southgate drew one-on-one with Poland in the last time-out (Rafal Oleksiewicz / PA).

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“What we know is that vaccination does not stop people from catching it. Therefore, our concern about broader welfare matters is that everyone Helping to get over this pandemic. Frankly, the vaccination program.

“I haven’t received any advice yet from people who don’t see what the alternatives are.

“But from a team management perspective, our risk with their age is that they miss the game because they caught it.

“But in reality, even if you get vaccinated, you need to take precautions because you can catch it and be excluded from the game. That’s strange to us.

“I think we have to be correct because we are responsible for helping people get over the virus, but young people have individual views on how they see it. I also understand that it’s far from a simple cycle, as it’s influenced by what they read and see. “

Jack Grealish’s “Big Challenge” Starts England Scoring-Gareth Southgate

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