ITV’s “I’m A Celeb Castle” “looks like a war zone” amid further delays

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Can be set to delay further after the Storm Irwen hits Forced contestants to leave Glitch Castle.

according to SunThe weekend storm left the ITV set “looked like a war zone” and producers are busy working to get the ITV set back into scratch to resume the show.

One source also told the publication:

“My boss is working 24 hours a day to get the show back on air, but morale is low as storms are expected to increase over the next few days.”

I’m a celebrity boss and I’m reportedly worried about further delays.

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The new photo shows that the set looks miserable as the studio tent is broken and torn apart.

Cranes were also found on the Welsh site to assist in repair work to ensure that the show returned to the screen on demand.

The program is said to be back tonight on November 29th, but the ITV boss will be on the 700-mile Arctic front the next day.

This week, the Meteorological Agency warned: In the east, there are occasional sunny days and it remains largely dry. However, as the clouds thicken, strange places of rain can move further west. It’s still pretty cold for most people, but it gets milder in the Far West. “

Glitch Castle “looks like a war zone”

“It will be cloudy all night, light rain and drizzle will spread to the south, and it will be a breeze. If the clouds break early, it will be chilly, but it will be milder than recently.”

Since Tuesday, I have continued as follows. “It’s windy and cloudy until Tuesday. The clouds are thick enough to allow more mottled rain from time to time, which gets heavier and lasts longer in the evening. It feels milder than it is recently.

“Wednesday is a shower and it gets colder again. Thursday is drier, brighter and weaker. Then the rain and snow belts blow all night on Friday and even stronger winds.”

all right! I approached ITV for further comments.

There was a snow warning this week

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Storm Irwen caused a “technical problem” in the Welsh setting, and producers had no choice but to air the first pre-recorded episode in the history of the show on Friday.

With the official statement released, ITV confirmed both Saturday, November 27th and Sunday, November 28th. The episode will be replaced with an editorial show aloud by hosts Ant and Dec.

I said a celebrity spokesman all right! At that time: “I’m a celebrity because of technical problems due to extreme weather in the area … Get me out of here this weekend (Saturday and Sunday)! There are no new episodes.

I’m A Celeb’s weekend episode has been cancelled

“I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! Will be replaced tonight and tomorrow night on the ITV schedule with an editorial show (Voice of Ant & Dec) featuring the best moments of the previous series.”

The ITV also claimed that the celebrity was safe and now in Glitch Castle, but only important crew members are on the scene because the well-being of everyone involved in the show is “top priority”.

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ITV's "I'm A Celeb Castle" "looks like a war zone" amid further delays

Source link ITV's "I'm A Celeb Castle" "looks like a war zone" amid further delays

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