Italy’s new flagship airline ITA launches

Rome, October 15 (Xinhua)-Italy’s new flagship airline, ITA, will begin operations on Friday, flying early in the morning between Milan, the financial capital of northern Italy, and Bali in the south, closing the 75-year gap. -Old airline Alitalia, which stopped operating the day before.

The last-minute deal between ITA and Alitalia means that the name of the venerable airline, which has carried tens of millions of passengers, will survive.

According to media reports, Thursday’s ITA paid € 90 million (US $ 105 million) for its rights to Alitalia’s brand and identity, starting at an initial asking price of € 290 million. .. This means that ITA (named the Italian acronym for Italian Air Transport) will be able to use Alitalia IDs, internet domains, colorings, and uniforms indefinitely.

Despite the acquisition, ITA remains legally separated from its predecessor to ensure that it is not liable for Alitalia’s debt.

ITA, a wholly owned organization of the Italian government, begins with 52 aircraft serving 44 destinations. The number is set to increase to at least 105 aircraft and 74 destinations by 2025.

The company already sells tickets for long-haul routes between more than 12 Italian cities, major European hubs including London and Paris, Rome and New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, and Milan and New York.

The company is also reportedly considering long-haul routes between Latin America and Africa, destinations in Asia, including Italy and China.

Italy’s new flagship airline ITA launches

SourceItaly’s new flagship airline ITA launches

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