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Isis’Plot terrorist attacks in months’ | UK | News

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has warned that ISIS could launch foreign atrocities from the country within six months. Wallace told the Commons Defense Select Committee: “If the Taliban do not improve things for the people of Afghanistan, things like ISKP (Islamic State-Korasan) will be strengthened. They are not currently in a position to launch attacks from Afghanistan. It will change. maybe.”

Colin Kahl, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Pentagon, told US lawmakers yesterday that ISIS could develop its ability to carry out external attacks in six to twelve months.

He described ISKP (a derivative of ISIS) and the Taliban as “deadly enemies.” He added: “Intelligence agencies currently evaluate that both ISKP and al-Qaeda intend to carry out external operations, including those against the United States, but neither is currently capable of doing so.

“I was able to see ISKP generate that feature sometime between 6 and 12 months.” Al Qaeda can take “a year or two.”

Meanwhile, when asked about British medals that helped withdraw from Afghanistan, Wallace said, “This is not a one-sided decision, the committee has a committee.”

Isis’Plot terrorist attacks in months’ | UK | News

SourceIsis’Plot terrorist attacks in months’ | UK | News

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